Matt Jones: Fading Away

The Jaguars first round draft pick from 2005 seems to be relegated to fade routes and emergency quarterback status.

Matt Jones is once again under the microscope after twice failing to catch fade routes in the corner of the end zone against Houston.

Del Rio was asked about Matt and the fade routes.

"When it doesn't go right, just say it's the coach's fault. I'll fix it. Then when it goes right, it's great technique," he said

This is just a few short weeks after being relegated to an emergency third quarterback position where he was inactive, instead of his customary wide receiver position due to what appeared to be a lack of effort.

If the Jaguars are going to continue to be so persistent about throwing the fade pattern, a better choice may be tight end Marcedes Lewis. Despite being injured last year in the preseason and never really getting his bearings in his first year, Marcedes is now the Jaguars second leading receiver with 14 receptions, and has shown an ability to be trusted with the football.

Although both Matt Jones and Marcedes Lewis played college basketball, in the post, Lewis appears to do a better job with body position, spacing, and shielding off defenders. Marcedes was used often in this situation during his collegiate days, and it wouldn't hurt to try using him in that capacity now.

If nothing else it will change the replay of watching Matt Jones glide into the endzone looking for the fade, and not finding it.

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