Jaguars and Colts Prepare

News from inside Jaguars and Colts camp, preparing for Monday Night



    Heading into Monday night's game at Jacksonville, the Indianapolis Colts have committed just three turnovers this year. But that statistic shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

    Dating back to the 2003 season, the Colts have thrown fewer interceptions and committed fewer turnovers than any team in the NFL. Indianapolis also has the league's best turnover margin by 20.

    That's a key component to the success that the franchise has enjoyed for the past five years.

    "That is really what goes into determining whether you win or lose," Colts coach Tony Dungy said recently. "You have two things you want to get accomplished when you come (to a team). Number one is to impress on the offense how important it is to take care of the ball, and that includes everybody.

    "Lineman and everybody else that you don't have errors that create turnovers. Your specials teams, you have to be careful with your ball handlers there. And then defensively, getting across to the team how important it is to take it away. And then getting those types of players on defense that can take the ball away. You can look back 40 years in football and giveaway-takeaway is the most important stat."

    How important is limiting your own mistakes and being able to force your opponent into making game-changing mistakes?

    "Probably 85 (out of 100) games are lost (because of turnovers)," Dungy said. "You certainly lose more games than you win. So you really make that a priority. If we can avoid losing games, then you don't have to win that many."


    Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio is changing his tune on wide receiver Matt   Jones.

    Del Rio put Jones on the inactive list for the Denver game after saying he was concerned about his body language because of his laid back attitude.

    But after Jones twice failed to come down with fade passes in the corner of the end zone against Houston last Sunday, Del Rio was being supportive.

    "When it doesn't go right, just say it's the coach's fault," Del Rio said. "I'll fix it. Then when it goes right, it'll be great technique."

    Jones also has a bushy red beard that he says he's not going to shave until he catches a touchdown pass.

    Del Rio said, "We've got to get him a touchdown so he'll shave, first of all. So we're working our tails off. He's working hard. He's going to make plays for us and we're so close. We had a really good week of practice last week and we just didn't quite hook up in the game, and that can happen. We're going to make some plays in the passing game."

    But it remains to be seen if Jones is going to be making some of those plays.

    Since being drafted on the first round in 2005 and making the switch from quarterback to wide receiver, he's been a disappointment and he has only eight catches this season.

    If the Jaguars are to upset the Indianapolis Colts Monday night, they may need some big plays from Jones.

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