Matt Jones - Soap Opera Continues

The Matt Jones soap opera continued this week. Looks like there might be change, for the better.

He was inactive for the second time in six games Monday night although Del Rio said the reason was that they kept an extra defensive lineman. He indicated all five receivers will be active against the Bucs.

Earlier this year, Del Rio had questioned Jones' body language because he's so laidback.

Jones' agent, Alan Herman, said he talked to James "Shack" Harris, the team's vice president of player personnel, and said that Jones met with Del Rio.

He said there's been a "clearing of the air" and said he expects a new beginning for Jones.

He said Jones has a good rapport with Gray, who'll start now that David Garrard is injured.

He also said that Jones doesn't appear to have a good rapport with receivers coach Todd Monken.

"I don't want to say he's really old school but that appears to be the case," he said. He said a coach should know how to motivate the players.

Monken was at LSU last year and he said, "A lot of (former) college coaches think they're still in college. They've got to treat their players like pro athletes."

Monken has a fiery style that may not be a good mesh with Jones' laidback style.

Whether the Jaguars will find a way to get Jones, who has just eight catches in the four games he's played in, involved in the offense remains to be seen.

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