Quinn Gray Gameplan

The Jaguars are trying to stress not putting too much of a burden on Quinn Gray, who'll make his first NFL start Sunday at Tampa Bay.

"We're not asking him to carry our team. We don't want to put the team on his back and carry the team. We want him to play his role and do a good job and be a distributor of the ball," coach Jack Del Rio said.

The players, at least publicly, say they believe Gray can do the job.

"If you find one person in this locker room that's going to say we're not going to get it done, please let me know," running back Fred Taylor said.

"I mean, like right now, you've got to tell me who it is. That's not the right mindset or attitude to have at all," he said.

When Taylor was asked what Gray brings to the table, he jokingly said, "Some ribs, some chicken."

He then got serious and said, "What's going to help Quinn the most is not trying to go out there and win the game himself."

Linebacker Mike Peterson said of Gray, "He's a guy who just finds a way to get it done. That's what I like about him. He may not (do it in) the prettiest way, it may not be the way it's designed, but he's going to find a way to get it done."

Tight end Marcedes Lewis said, "You definitely can't place it on one person. It's a collective effort."

Of Gray, Del Rio said, "He's intelligent. He's got a quick release and strong arm. He's flashed. What we need to see is can he be consistent? Can he lead the team and make good decisions? Obviously, you deal with some unknown any time you play a younger player. We'll do our best to prepare him."

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