Del Rio: No Second Thoughts

Del Rio had no second thoughts of being the coach of one of 14 teams that went into the season with just two quarterbacks.

"Certainly it's a calculated risk you take. We're one of 14 that have taken that on. Obviously not having their starting quarterback can affect you.

"I can't imagine Indianapolis right now going to (Jim Sorgi) and not thinking they might have some issues to work through. We're no different. We've got to work through this and understand we've being faced with a challenge and a little adversity," he said.

The trend to go with just two quarterbacks is a recent development. As recently as 2005, only four teams went with two quarterbacks.

Of the teams that started the season with two quarterbacks, Buffalo, Carolina, St. Louis, Arizona and Tennessee have all had their starters injured. And Atlanta decided to bring in Byron Leftwich as a third quarterback when Joey Harrington struggled.

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