Will Gray Get His Groove Back?

The Jaguars won on running the ball and playing well on defense and special teams although they were helped by the fact that Bucs quarterback Jeff Garcia missed two open receivers on the team's last drive. Will the game plan work against the Saints?

Jack Del Rio lauded such special team players as Adam Podlesh, Scott Starks, Jamaal Fudge, Chad Nkang, Justin Durant, Brian Iwuh and Reggie Nelson in his review of the game.

But he never mentioned Quinn Gray's name until he was asked about him and then he wasn't eager to discuss him.

When he was asked to analyze his play, he said, "He did enough to help us win. I don't really care to sit here and try and explain these things to you. We're doing the best we can to put together an effort that can bring home a win. Then we've got another tough challenge this week going into New Orleans. We'll do our best to put together a good effort again."

In New Orleans, the Jaguars will try to out-duel Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who threw for 336 yards and four touchdowns in a 31-10 rout of San Francisco Sunday.

If Brees gets the Saints the lead, the Jaguars might be forced to throw.

When Del Rio was asked if the same game plan will work against the Saints, he said, "It was good enough yesterday. We'll see going forward."

He was then asked what Gray does well and he said, "I think we've talked enough about our quarterbacks around here. I think the game was more about the team and the effort put forth. I hate to sit here and spend a lot of time talking about one position and one guy when there's so much we can look at."

In an effort to change the subject, Del Rio provided a rare inside glimpse of the locker room after the loss to the Colts.

Del Rio said, "Paul Spicer stood up in the locker room after we were done Monday night and talked about the resolve that we were going to come back with, and I really appreciated those comments and respect him for that. I thought I saw that resolve all week heading into the game and then certainly it was on display for the full 60 minutes yesterday."

When he met with the TV and radio reporters with the cameras rolling, Del Rio was a bit more forthcoming about Gray. He noted that Gray made "nice throws" on two plays that were called back by penalties.

"Certainly, we'll build on the things that were good and try and emphasize some of the good things. We had a couple of screens early (when Gray overthrew the backs) that he didn't quite get in there for us that had a chance to go quite a ways. There were some things that we'll do better going forward and so we'll need to keep working at it," Del Rio said.

After the game Sunday, Gray said he didn't get in a groove.

Gray wasn't available for comment Monday because the Jaguars didn't conduct a media session for the players.

What remains to be seen is whether Gray had first-start jitters and will settle down and get in more of a groove next week.

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