Jaguars Report Card vs. New Orleans rates the Jaguars on their performance against the New Orleans Saints

PASSING OFFENSE: C -- The Jaguars had a mixed day as Quinn Gray, in his second start, threw for 354 yards, including an 80-yard touchdown throw to Reggie Williams. But he also had three interceptions and one of them was run back for a touchdown after Ernest Wilford busted a route.

RUSHING OFFENSE: C-minus -- The Jaguars fell behind and had to abandon the run so Fred Taylor had only 13 carries for 54 yards and Maurice Jones-Drew had just 28 yards in five carries. Taylor still needs 13 more yards to reach the 10,000-yard mark.

PASS DEFENSE: F -- The Jaguars were torched by 445 passing yards by Drew Brees, who also threw for three touchdowns. The Jaguars didn't get a good pass rush on Brees as they sacked him only once even though he threw 49 times.

RUSH DEFENSE: D -- The Saints only ran enough to give Brees time to rush his arm, but Reggie Bush still ran 17 times for 72 yards to keep the Jaguars off balance.

SPECIAL TEAMS: C -- This area was a mixed bag as Maurice Jones-Drew ran a kickoff back 100 yards for a touchdown, but they gave up an onside kick in the first quarter that led to a touchdown.

COACHING: F -- This was a game to forget for the coaching staff. They warned the Jaguars' special teams to look for a surprise onside kick and they lined up too deep and the Saints pulled off an onside kick on their first possession. And the three off-the-field incidents Saturday may have created a distraction and was another example that Jack Del Rio has lost control of the game. And their defense was a shooting gallery for Drew Brees.

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