Garrard Eager to Return

David Garrard doesn't want to miss Sunday's game in Tennessee. This could be his chance for payback after a nightmarish game last December against the Titans when they returned three of his turnovers -- two interceptions and a fumble -- for touchdowns to beat the Jaguars, 24-17.

That loss started a three-game losing streak that cost the Jaguars a playoff berth and influenced coach Jack Del Rio's decision to name Byron Leftwich the starter in February. Garrard then outplayed Leftwich in training camp to get the job back when Leftwich was cut nine days before the season started.

Garrard, who saw limited duty when he returned to practice Wednesday just 16 days after suffering a high-ankle sprain against Indianapolis, won't try to go if he's not healthy enough to move around just to try to avenge the loss to the Titans.

"I don't want to be a sitting duck out there trying to be a hero," Garrard said.

Of trying to get payback against the Titans, "There's payback, but (you) can't let that cloud your thinking or your preparation because it's not about me paying back this team. It's about getting a win. You don't want to think about revenge and payback too much."

Garrard, who'll find out today if there's any swelling in the ankle after practicing Wednesday, thinks it'll be obvious by the end of the week whether or not he can go, although the Jaguars could wait until game time to announce a decision to keep the Titans guessing.

"I don't feel like I'll be able to play my game if I'm hobbling around or gimping around or whatever you want to call it because I've never played like that," he said.

He said his teammates have encouraged him not to be selfish and try to play before he's ready because he could aggravate the injury.

"It's surprising to me (that they're telling him that) because you would think guys are just (saying), "hey, get back.' It means a lot in different ways. I know they're saying that because they care about me and they care about this team and how far this team goes," he said.

Garrard also thinks they can win if Quinn Gray, who's 1-1 as a starter, gets his third start.

"Quinn's throwing for a lot of yards up there (354 in New Orleans). He's going to be fine if he's out there," he said.

Garrard said his ankle is 100 percent when he's just walking around, but he says it won't be 100 percent for playing football the rest of the season.

"Quinn's playing on an ankle that's not 100 percent and he's been doing it since training camp," Garrard said.

During the media-viewing portion before practice started, Garrard was able to backpedal and throw without any apparent problems, but the Jaguars always close practice before they start running plays.

The Jaguars announced he was limited in practice -- which was their plan going in for his first day back -- and don't have to announce his status until Friday.

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