Matt Jones Personifies Inactivity

in·ac·tive [in-ak-tiv] –adjective 1. not active 2. sedentary or passive: an inactive life. 3. sluggish; indolent. 4. inert; unreactive.

For the third time this season, wide receiver Matt Jones was inactive. He could be found on the sideline jogging with more vigor than when he's inserted into the game.

Although Mr. Jones and Coach Del Rio have come to terms with his demeanor, Del Rio continues to prove he has been shown little of Matt's effort.

That being said, Jones may have a reprieve and be active for the team's next game against San Diego. John Broussard suffered a sprained ankle against the Titans, and will probably be FORCED inactive this week.

A first round draft pick in 2005, Matt Jones has nine catches this year and it looks as if the Jaguars may have a first round bust on their hands unless Matt starts catching more balls (with BOTH hands).

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