Post-Game Quotes: Jaguars vs. Bills



"A good, solid win today, one we had to have. I know they came in with a must-win mentality. I felt like we were in a must-win mentality as well to stay in the division race, and so it was big to be able to get that win. Obviously if we had functioned at a little higher level in the red zone it could have been a little easier victory, but nothing comes easy in this league. So we battled and had a real workman-like day and pulled out a good, solid, hard-fought victory. We'll come in tomorrow and look at some of the things we did well and some of the things we need to correct and put that to rest, and then turn our attention to Indianapolis for next week. Obviously that'll be a big game going forward, so we're going to take next few hours, what's left of tonight, and early part of tomorrow and enjoy this one and then we'll turn our attention to the Colts."

"I don't have an official word on George (Wrighster). I know there is concern about him possibly rupturing a ligament. They're going to take a good look at that so I don't want to speculate now but there was a big concern from the doctors that it could be a problem. So we're going to take a good look at that and get an MRI and all those things and make sure. (Greg) Estandia went out as well with a shoulder. Again, I don't have any official word on those two guys. I believe that's the majority of what we had today injury-wise. So, all in all a pretty solid effort. I thought David (Garrard) was sharp. Fred (Taylor) ran hard. I thought there were some big catches in the game. Ernest Wilford made a huge catch on third down, two of them in fact on third down. Reggie (Williams) had a nice catch-and-run at the end there. Some real good things going on. We knew coming in there were a couple people that could hurt you. We wanted to make sure that we kept Lee Evans in front of us; we did that all day. He didn't catch any balls until the last drive, so that was good, and then we knew their returners. Roscoe Parrish and (Terrence) McGee were two very talented guys that we had to really swarm and take care of and not let them get going on us today. So we were able to slow down their major weapons and get us a nice workman-like victory, so good to see."

(was there any common denominator with the red zone problems?)
"Yeah, my fault."

(how is that?)
"We have to work better this week at putting the plan together."

(on not attempting a touchdown with six seconds left on the clock at the end of the second quarter)
"We wanted to get points there. You get a little cute and let that thing get away and don't get anything there. We thought it was important. We're getting the ball to start the second half, take the field goal; Don't get too cute there. I thought I had called timeout with a little more time. We were hoping to get it at eight or nine (seconds). They put six (seconds) up there and that basically said, OK, take the points, so that's what we did."

(your team is 8-3, third in the AFC but sometimes your team tends to fly under the radar nationally)
"Hey, that's up to you guys. The nation is not here. It's you guys, you guys reporting on us and you tell them how you see it. It's up to you to spread the word. Obviously all we can do as coaches and players is do our best to win games and that's what we're doing, and if you think it's good, tell somebody. Maybe the word will spread."


(on his streak of touchdown passes to Reggie Williams)
"It took all the way to the end of the game for Reggie to get into the end zone, but I'm glad we could keep that streak going. He did a great job once he caught the ball and made guys miss and then showed his speed."

(on 209 consecutive passing attempts without an interception)
"There was a chance where they almost had a play on the ball. I've got to be a little bit smarter on that play, but it's funny how the ball bounces sometimes. I've just got to stay patient and take what the defense gives us."

(on the Jaguars' chances of winning the division)
"I think we can catch the Colts. I think these guys are very hungry and we're determined this year. We have a lot of things going our way this year. Guys are showing a great ability to go out and forget about what's happened around the league each Sunday and just concentrate on playing football. We need to do that this week because this is a big one coming up."

(on his confidence in the receiving corps)
"These guys continue to get better every week and keep on making big plays. If you look at the catch Ernest (Wilford) made, I threw the ball behind him and he reached back and caught it with one hand. That would give any quarterback a lot of confidence."

(on the feeling the team has being 8-3)
"There's definitely a difference this year. Two years ago, we made the playoffs and at the end of the season did a good job of finishing games. Last year, we didn't and I think a lot of guys have a bad taste in their mouths because of that. We don't want to feel that same way again, so I think you'll see guys focusing on each game because we know that in this league, anybody can beat you."


(on his touchdown run)
"The run actually was on a small breakdown. Greg Jones made a great adjustment and handled the three technique and it was off to the races after that."

(on just finishing the big run)
"First of all, I'm thankful that I just made it to the end zone. I think the last two times that I was out in the open like that I ended up with a 70-yarder, but didn't score. The (offensive) line did a good job up front and Greg Jones had an excellent adjustment on the play."

(on David Garrard and how he has progressed)
"Well, David is doing an outstanding job. He has been real professional in that he was patient. He knows how to be a leader and he is leading us. David is just doing what the coaches are asking him to do."

(on David Garrard getting everyone involved)
"Yeah, he is. He going through his reads and making his progressions. The guys are working their butt off to get open so they can try to get the ball. I think our passing game, and our receivers, has been under the radar and underrated, but all of them are good. David is doing a good job of finding them."

(on the team thinking about not just wild-card berth, but a divisional one)
"Why not?"

(on how he feels now compared to the past)
"It's kind of hard to go back into the past. It's tough. It's the NFL. Week 12 or 13, it's a pain in the butt. You got to buckle down, take care of yourself and try to get to Sunday so you can play."

(on not playing like a guy that appeared on the injury list this week)
"I get a little upset that I make the injury report considering what I have gone through. Sometimes, I ask not to be put on the list so I can fight through some things. I don't want to give the other team an advantage. The little report, whatever they had me listed as, I don't even know what it was. I knew I was going to play and that is how it went."

(on getting leads early and finishing off teams)
"It is always good to start fast. I think it's good to start fast, and with the defense we have, it sends energy thoughout the entire team which allows us to play at a high level. It's good to start fast, but we always want to finish strong. We want to turn some of those three points into seven points so that way it will be a blowout and we can work on our running game. We definitely have to put those threes into sevens, then we will know that we have arrived."


(on what Buffalo did different from what they saw on film earlier in the week)
"Most of my runs were to the outside and they're a pretty fast defense so they we're getting there fast. Other than that they didn't do anything different than what we thought. At the end, we kind of wore them down and that is how I ended up scoring, but give them credit, they came up with some big plays on our third down conversions."

(on playing a team like Buffalo who was fighting for the playoffs)
"In the NFL you can be the worst offense or the worst defense and end up beating the best offense and defense on any given Sunday. We went out and played like we always do which is to try and keep winning."


(on the magnitude of this game)
"It is definitely a big win. It was another AFC opponent They're on the brink of getting into the playoffs. It was a must-win situation for them and they gave us their best unquestionably, and we were the better team."

(on David Garrard's progression through the season)
"His leadership skills are growing. He is one of those guys that comes out here each and every week knowing what the game plan is and executing it."

(on why the Jaguars offense struggled in the red zone)
"It just happens like that sometimes, that's something we can improve on for next week in Indianapolis. You can't solve everything in one game. We have to continue to try and improve and strive for improvement"


(on Fred Taylor's ability to still break the big run)
"The days of old are still the days of today. Freddy is still a great back. I love him. I love just watching him and blocking for him. Anytime I can spring him for some big yards it is a great thing."


(on the difference from last year's team and this year's team)
"Everyone understands that in order to get to where we need to go then we have to sell out. I thinks that's one of the commitments the team has made whether we win or lose we do it as a team.


(on Playing with a lead)
"Anytime the offense gives us a big lead we know they're going to try and do something big to get back in the game. At one time they got within eight points and we had to buckle down and make plays."

(on David Garrard's play)
"He is having an outstanding season. He finally got the opportunity to show he's the number one guy, get the chance to lead and lead the team to victory. Week in and week out he has continued to make plays. The funny thing about it is you have guys right behind him that can do the same thing. There aren't too many teams that can plug guys in and you won't lose a beat."


(on next week's game against the Colts)
"It is one of those tests. It is not time to get complacent. We will be playing against a team that will be fighting and knowing they will have to put it all on the line. For them they are on the brink of the playoffs, too."

(on filling in for injured defensive players)
"(Justin) Durant came in and got an interception and a lot of key tackles for us. That's depth and that's a tribute to the staff and bringing those guys in and making those plays."


(on the victory and how it will lead into next Sunday's game)
"Yes, this was a big victory for us, it will jump start us for next week. We will come in tomorrow and get some work done, we're not going to lay it down, we've got plenty of work to do and as a unit special teams will keep on going."

(on the difference from last years team compared to this years team)
"I feel as if we have more of a hunger this year, we're always competing within the team and that's what really drives us."


(on coming in as a rookie and becoming an impact player)
"I didn't expect to come in and start, I just wanted to play my role by coming in and practicing hard. It's turning out pretty good for me."


(on did anyone step up by becoming vocal when the momentum seemed to be lost)
"It's a little bit of everybody, you want the vets to lead but anyone can be a leader on this team. The younger guy's kind of pattern their ways after the older guys, people that have done it more and been in these types of situations before but everybody is stepping up."

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