Jaguars Inside Slant: What A Win Means

The Jaguars may not know for another month what exactly will be at stake when they meet the Colts. They know if they lose, they have no shot at the division title because the Colts would have a two-game lead plus the tiebreaker so the Colts would have to lose three of their last four and the Jaguars would have to win their final four.

Even coach Jack Del Rio concedes they have to win the game to have a shot at the division title.

"In other words, if you're asking can we win this division without winning this game. I think no," he said.

The problem is that even if they win the game, they don't know whether they can win the title.

That's because the Colts own the tiebreaker. So even if the Colts lose, they can clinch the title by beating four losing teams the Ravens, Raiders, Texans and Titans.

On the other hand, Del Rio doesn't want his team to be uptight about the importance of this game.

"I guess there are different ways to approach it. I like to take you back to the free-throw line for an analogy. I don't think you ever step to the free-throw line saying, "Gee, this is my last chance to win this game and I hope I make this.' We're competitors. We're going to go up and we're doing to do what we do well and go compete. If you do what you do well, you have that opportunity. You enjoy the fruits of that. That's where our focus is going to be," he said.

The problem is the Jaguars may not be good enough to beat the Colts.

They have lost five of the last seven games to them and when the Jaguars beat them 44-17 last December while rushing for 375 yards, the Colts didn't have safety Bob Sanders.

The Colts also have won nine of the last 12 against the Jaguars since 2000 although they've swept them just twice in 2002 and 2005.

If they get the sweep again this year by winning Sunday, the Colts will have the division title all but wrapped up.

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