Jaguars Playoff Scenario Update

The word "playoffs" is usually considered a dirty word by most coaches, prior to their teams actually clinching a playoff berth. We at JagNation don't believe in dirty words, so we will now discuss the Jaguars possible playoff scenarios.

Clinching Scenarios:

Playoff Berth:
The Jaguars can clinch a playoff berth with a win at Pittsburgh and a Tennessee loss at Kansas City .

Playoff Berth & likely #5 Seed:
In addition to a Jaguars win at Pittsburgh and Tennessee loss at Kansas City , a Cleveland loss at Buffalo would result in the Jaguars essentially securing the #5 seed due to a probable tiebreaker edge over Cleveland .

Jaguars Versus Teams in Contention:
A quick look at how the Jaguars stack up against the remaining four teams in contention with Jacksonville for a wild card spot:

    Magic Number: 1
    With a two-game lead and head-to-head tiebreaker edge, all it will take is a single Jaguars win or Bills loss to guarantee a finish ahead of Buffalo .

    Magic Number: 1
    The Texans must win-out and have Jacksonville lose-out to tie the Jaguars in the standings and own the division-record tiebreaker.

    Magic Number: 2
    Should Tennessee catch the Jaguars in the wild card standings, they will own the divisional tiebreaker.

    Magic Number: 2/3 (pending tiebreakers)
    There are still many possibilities as to what could happen in the race between the Browns and Jaguars. A Jaguars win over Pittsburgh or Oakland and Browns loss at Buffalo would have the two teams going to the strength of victory tiebreaker in a worst-case scenario, which the Jaguars currently own a significant edge in.

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