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We at JagNation would like to be the first to offer congratulations to Fred Taylor for his upcoming trip to the Pro Bowl in February. Before anyone thinks that this is some kind of joke, we were around when the Pro Bowl rosters were announced on Tuesday, and we understand that Fred was not one of the players named.

From the voting, Taylor was named as a first alternate, and he would likely be asked to fill in if either LaDainian Tomlinson, Joseph Addai, or Willie Parker are unable to go.

Sure enough, on the Steelers second offensive play Thursday night against the St. Louis Rams, their Pro Bowl running back Willie Parker went down with what is being reported as a fractured fibula. Is it likely that this injury will end his season, and he will likely not be able to play in the Pro Bowl.

So the injustice which is Fred Taylor's omission from the Pro Bowl roster appears to have been avenged, but unfortunately at Willie Parker's expense. As much as Fred Taylor will enjoy making the trip to paradise, this certainly isn‘t the way he wanted to go. "I don't wish anything bad on anyone," Taylor said. "I would never do that."

Fred Taylor was having lunch with his wife, Andrea, when he learned Tuesday that he wasn't voted to the Pro Bowl, wasn't exactly surprised that he was snubbed once again. "I don't try to get my hopes up too high," he said. "I've been through it before. I've been down this road before."

On this occasion, Taylor was upset enough to consider declining the invitation if he's asked to be an injury replacement. After doing some reflecting and asking his wife when they were watching a movie, he had second thoughts and now is willing to accept an invitation if it comes.

"She said, 'Prideful people are ugly people. Put it (disappointment) to the side and accept.' And one of the secretaries told me that 15 years down the road, if I did accept, I'd be happy I did," he said.

It appears that Taylor will now be able to make that decision.

When Taylor was told that he might be better off not making it because he now has a reputation for being the best player to never play in a Pro Bowl, Taylor indicated he'd rather have the honor--

"It would be good to put on your resume."

Speaking of Taylor's resume, this likely Pro Bowl appearance, combined with his current total of 10,604 rushing yards with no immediate signs of stopping will likely earn him some more attention in a the next decade or so when it comes to a much more important vote that doesn't include fan participation. It's the Hall of Fame vote. Taylor's likely Pro Bowl appearance ought to help him a great deal with the possibility of being enshrined in Canton. If not, at least Taylor will now be able to update his resume with at least one bowl appearance in 2008.

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