Are the Jaguars Ready?

Jacksonville is heading into just their second playoff game since 1999. The Jaguars, who play at Pittsburgh Saturday night in their wild-card playoff game, rested eight starters, plus running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who's technically a backup, and had eight other starters on limited duty in their 42-28 loss to Houston in their regular-season finale Sunday.

The game in Pittsburgh will be a rematch of their 29-22 victory in Pittsburgh on Dec. 16.

Now the question is whether they can beat Pittsburgh twice in a month and then make a run in the playoffs.

To get to the Super Bowl, they'd probably have to win three road playoff games, a feat pulled off only twice in NFL history -- by the 1985 Patriots and the 2005 Steelers.

The Patriots lost to the Bears in the Super Bowl while the Steelers beat Seattle.

When coach Jack Del Rio was asked how far his team can go in the playoffs, he said, "We're getting ready to find out. Does it matter what I think or what I feel or what I say right now in front of you? I think what is most important is how we prepare for the opportunity. We need to go in and make the most of this opportunity by playing. That's what I'm most concerned with. Making statements, making proclamations, really isn't worth any points. If it is, I'll make a few. But I don't think they'll give me any points, so let's go compete."

The Jaguars last won a playoff game after the 1999 season when they routed Miami, 62-7, to advance to the AFC title game, where they lost to Tennessee.

The Jaguars' only playoff game since then was a 28-3 loss to New England in 2005.

Running back Fred Taylor, one of the starters who didn't play in the finale, thinks the rest will help the Jaguars.

"I think it works to our team's advantage considering pretty much everyone we're going to count upon in the playoffs, they're healthy. We're ready. People like to say, 'Should they rest them or should they stay hot?' I don't believe that. I think it was a positive for us to get some rest," he said.

They'll find out Saturday night if they're really ready.

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