The Future of Matt Jones

The status of wide receiver Matt Jones remains an unanswered question the Jaguars will have to deal with in the offseason. Both Matt and Coach Del Rio discuss the present and future in the following article.

Last month when he was inactive against Tennessee and dressed for the San Diego game the following week but didn't play, Jones' future with the Jaguars didn't appear too promising.

But Jones, given a chance to see extensive action against the Houston Texans because Dennis Northcutt was inactive, responded by catching eight passes for 138 yards and a touchdown from backup quarterback Quinn Gray.

By contrast, in his first 11 games this year, he caught only 16 passes for 179 yards although he caught a 37-yard touchdown last week against Oakland.

"I don't know the stats or anything, but whenever the coach gives you an opportunity to play, you want to go out there and perform," Jones said.

Gray, who went all the way at quarterback because David Garrard was rested, said, "Matt   Jones is a good athlete and a great football player. The last couple of weeks, the fans tended to get down on him a little bit because I guess they think he's not giving 100 percent. I can vouch for him that every time he goes out and plays football, Matt is going 100 miles an hour whenever he can."

Jones said, "Quinn threw a lot of good passes. I should have had a couple other catches that I'd like to have. You're out there having fun."

Now the question is whether Jones, who made the transition from college quarterback to wide receiver after the Jaguars drafted him with their first-round pick in 2005, still has a future with the team.

"That's the question for you to ask some other people. I'm here. I'm playing. Like I said, I always wanted to be a Jaguar," he said. "I feel I can play. It just hasn't been that way this year. (I'm in) a different role."

Coach Jack Del Rio didn't seem eager to discuss Jones.

"Matt Jones made some good plays," he said in his opening statement.

When he was asked about whether Jones was improving, he declined to mention Jones' name and talked about the team improving.

"We think our football team has improved over the course of this year, individually and collectively. We feel like we've really been able to improve. We're going to need to continue to improve," he said.

Del Rio's reluctance to say much about Jones may not bode well for his future in Jacksonville.

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