Spicer Stands by His Words

Jaguars defensive end Paul Spicer didn't think a fine and the loss of a first round draft pick was enough of a penalty after the Spygate incident with New England earlier this season.

"Do like the NCAA and kick them out of the playoffs or something," Spicer said. "Put them on probation. They can't go to no playoff games. Roger Goodell has definitely enforced some new rules. He's been hard on the players. Now let's see how hard he's going to be with a team."

Spicer's words caused little stir at the time and had been long forgotten until the Jaguars qualified to go to New England for a divisional playoff game Saturday night by beating Pittsburgh last Saturday night.

The New England media was quick to bring them up since the Patriots are noted for using comments to motivate them.

Spicer isn't backing down from the statements, but he's almost puzzled that comments made four months ago were being brought up.

"If they want to use that as bulletin board material, they can go ahead. It was my opinion. That's all it was. My opinion at the time. This is four months later," he said.

Spicer said the Jaguars wouldn't try to dredge up any old quotes.

"We haven't done research like they did. We didn't go back and look at everything they said over the season and see if we can use that to get motivated. You shouldn't need what somebody else says to get you motivated.

"This is the NFL. It's a playoff game. Those guys are undefeated. We're coming up there. That's enough right there to get motivated. I know. I'm motivated. I'm not worried about them with a camera. They can use my camera. I've got a nice Sony digital camera if they want to borrow it. I'm here to play football. I'm not worried about what they did four months ago. If they want to lean on something that didn't really matter, let them," he said.

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