In Underdogs We Trust

America has always loved the underdog regardless of the situation. That includes our Jaguars.

Those lovable colonists in the Americas vs. the dark empire of Great Britain.

The 1980 US Hockey team against Russia at Lake Placid.

Rocky vs. Apollo Creed.

Al Czervik and Danny Noonan vs. Judge Elihu Smails and Dr. Beeper.

The list of underdogs that we have pulled for is long and distinguished. You can add a new one to the list this week when the Jacksonville Jaguars head north to face the Patriots of New England. Much like the colonists going against the Red Coats, the mass media is giving the Jaguars little hope of pulling off the upset.

It is probably a good thing that cable television and the Internet were non-existent during colonial times because the United States never would have happened if they had any say in the matter.

Those hayseed misfits that couldn't make a go of it in their motherland certainly were not going to be a match for the better trained, better equipped, better prepared British Armies of the time.

In 1980, the Russian hockey team was an unstoppable force loaded with professional players that were genetically altered to dominate the ice. There was no way that a group of rag tag college kids were going to put their blades on the ice and compete with that gold medal machine according to the media at the time.

Rocky Balboa was such an underdog that they had to pick him out of a stack of has-beens. In the movie, everyone laughed at him. Nobody is laughing half a dozen movies later.

Did anyone give an obnoxious guest at Bushwood Country Club and an angst filled caddie any chance in a head-to-head contest against a man who is no slouch himself, and of course, the club champion three years running?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the weakly colonists facing the New Great Britian Patriots. The better prepared, unstoppable force that is the Patriot machine should steamroll right over the underdogs this week in New England if the major media outlets have a hand in this process.

Is it any coincidence that the underdogs have to go to the same region of the country where the United States saw their greatest upset of all time knocking off the king and his cronies?

2008 could usher in the new Boston Tea Party, but this time around, it could be done southern style with sweet tea flowing in the harbor. You know how the boys from the south love their sweet tea!

There have been a few renegades that have thrown their support behind the little guy in this fight. Fox Sports analyst, Adam Schein has taken to referring to the Jaguars as "America's Team". He has been a proud passenger on the Jaguars bandwagon for a while now. He sees the scrappy underdog as a legitimate threat to the crown jewel of the National Football League.

The battle on Saturday night is much the same as what we saw when American Motors took on Detroit's "Big Three" with their classic entries in automotive lore, the Pacer and the Gremlin.

Oh, wait, they got crushed.

Note to self: erase that one before posting this column.

If the Jacksonville Jaguars find a way to go into Gillette Stadium and pull off a victory, it would rank as one of the biggest upsets in the history of the National Football League. The Jets Super Bowl win over the heavily favored Colts in the great Namath guarantee game is probably the upset gold standard, but having the wild card Jacksonville Jaguars upset the "undefeatable" New Great Britain Patriots at home in the post season would certainly be almost as notable.

The Patriots are on a quest to make history. The Jacksonville Jaguars have the opportunity to be the speed bump on their path to perfection. It is David vs. Goliath, NFL style. Will the Jags have the stones to take out the giant?

The Hans So-DelRio-lo led Jaguars are going up against Darth Hoodie and the evil Empire in New England this weekend.

If ever there was an opportunity for Jacksonville to develop a national appeal, and to expand their fledgling fan base to borders beyond Duval County, this is it.

Everyone who claims to be a football fan will be watching the game on Saturday night.

On a national stage, with the lights so bright, will the Jaguars find a way to pull off an upset for the ages, leaving the Death Star Gillette in pieces? Or, will they ride off into the sunset in their teal Pacer?

Everyone loves the underdog. There is none bigger this weekend.

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