Chat Transcript with Adam Caplan - NFL

Adam Caplan of Sirius NFL Radio and joined us Thursday night to answer questions from

Charlie> Do the Jags have any chance Saturday night?
AdamCaplan> Only issues for NE are at RT and RG
AdamCaplan> The score I have is 37-17, New England winning
Charlie> I had it a little better than that, but not much

Charlie> Can they get away with blitzing?

AdamCaplan> They can't really get to him
AdamCaplan> Hayward has to be a factor

tannerfox> Do you think Welker will be significant?

AdamCaplan> Yes because they have no one who can cover him
tannerfox> Isn't that why New England had to have him? They said he was the only receiver they could not cover.
AdamCaplan> He's very hard to cover because he rarely stays in one spot

AdamCaplan> BTW, Grady Jackson was really good last week

AdamCaplan> I watched the coaches tape earlier this week, I couldn't believe how well he moved
AdamCaplan> despite looking pregnant
Charlie> He's only six months, barely showing
tannerfox> He clogs up the middle and is more athletic than some think

RobbC> Good news, Big John practiced today

AdamCaplan> Reggie Williams' back is an issue
RiverCityRage> What's the word on Reggie William's back?
AdamCaplan> he had back problems before
AdamCaplan> today was the last practice of the week for both teams

AdamCaplan> JAX gives up too many big plays

AdamCaplan> against good passing teams
AdamCaplan> And I can't see them scoring much
AdamCaplan> they have to be able to run well to have a chance
AdamCaplan> that's all they can doi
AdamCaplan> Garrard played poorly last week
AdamCaplan> he won't get away with that against NE

pigskinpimp23> So in your mind Jags dont even need to show up!!!!!

AdamCaplan> They have to play better than they have against any team this year
AdamCaplan> much better in fact
AdamCaplan> and RBS have to have big games
AdamCaplan> both of them
pigskinpimp23> Baltimore and NY, gave them all they wanted they arent invincible
tannerfox> pats have been giving up a lot of points lately
AdamCaplan> NE run D can be had but to run, they can't fall behind much
AdamCaplan> if Garrard has to throw they have little chance
AdamCaplan> and WRs really don't get open much
tannerfox> I think Garrard can be effective within 20 yds

Charlie> I think the coin toss is actually very important for the Jags

AdamCaplan> I don't think it matters
AdamCaplan> NE least amount of possessions in NFL
Charlie> They can't fall behind 7-0 before they touch the ball like a week ago
AdamCaplan> highest scoring team
AdamCaplan> first ever time that I can remember that happening

Charlie> Is Brady the best QB you've ever seen?

AdamCaplan> Yes
AdamCaplan> Manning second but both are different
Charlie> I think so as well

AdamCaplan> BTW, Landri was pretty good last week

AdamCaplan> really penetrated to backfield like 4-5 times
AdamCaplan> and disrupted plays
tannerfox> Our future with our young players is so bright I have to wear shades

RobbC> Would this be one of the biggest upsets in history? With an undefeated season on the line?

AdamCaplan> Very much so
AdamCaplan> no one is giving them a chance

Charlie> How bad did Tomlin mess up the game for Pittsburgh?

AdamCaplan> Bad call for Ben R to run there

Charlie> And the two-point conversion from the 12

AdamCaplan> Moron play call
AdamCaplan> makes no sense

Charlie> Do the Titans need to dump Vince Young?

AdamCaplan> He has to study more and be there most of the off season

AdamCaplan> Northcutt will probably have to make some plays in this game

RobbC> Do you think that game helped or hurt Garrard's confidence, going into this week.

AdamCaplan> The last play makes him feel better I'm sure but he needs to play much better
AdamCaplan> made some bad throws and bad decisions

JaGpAn11> How effective do you think Richard Seymour will be?

AdamCaplan> He's not the same player he once was
AdamCaplan> but he's getting there
AdamCaplan> keep in mind he's missed half of the season

Charlie> Do you think Jacksonville will come out throwing early on?

Charlie> against the 8 or 9 man front
AdamCaplan> They aren't that type of team
AdamCaplan> so it would be a surprise
AdamCaplan> run based power scheme
Charlie> They tried it against Indy the first time and it didn't work well
AdamCaplan> teams don't change their indentity this late
AdamCaplan> you do what got you there
Charlie> Very true
RobbC> Which hold true for the Pats as well, probably won't see much of the running game from NE

pigskinpimp23> The Pats are gonna put Harrison in the box no doubt to stop Fred and Maurice... Look for the swing pass and Playaction early and often

AdamCaplan> Harrison plays in the box quite a bit as it is
AdamCaplan> Jags ran stunts quite a bit last week but they didn't really work
AdamCaplan> pass rush has to get home
AdamCaplan> Hayward and Spicer have to win their battles
AdamCaplan> against Light and Kaczur (if he plays).
JaGpAn11> big difference between the Pats pass blocking and the Steelrs though
pigskinpimp23> I think Spicer can Hayward is questionable
AdamCaplan> Hayward didn't look good last week

Charlie> I can see NE coming out throwing like they did against Pittsburgh, until they get a sizeable lead

AdamCaplan> Knight really is slow
AdamCaplan> in coverage
JaGpAn11> yeah, me too Charile....Terry Cousin and the S will especially need to be in top form
tannerfox> most tackles last game
AdamCaplan> NE will pick on Brian Williams
AdamCaplan> you can count on that
AdamCaplan> and Cousin who will play more than usual
AdamCaplan> Look for Jags to be in nickel most of the game
AdamCaplan> no choice
Charlie> Williams has been solid, most teams have targeted Mathis this year and Cousin
tannerfox> experience counts
AdamCaplan> Williams gave up big plays last week
JaGpAn11> Mathis has a bad track record against top flight WRs

JaGpAn11> any chance the Jags play Starks more than cousin to compinsate with speed?

tannerfox> I hope not
AdamCaplan> Starks is too small
AdamCaplan> scrappy but they would crush him
tannerfox> I think these Jaguars are more physical than you give them credit for

Charlie> Is NE a solid tackling team?

AdamCaplan> LBs are a little slow
AdamCaplan> So I think Jags can get some runs agains them like BAL did
AdamCaplan> but they have to hang in there

Charlie> Jax missed a lot of tackles last week, especially the secondary

AdamCaplan> And NE will use plenty of four WRs
JaGpAn11> again, terry cousin cant tackle
AdamCaplan> gaffney plays a lot
tannerfox> Cousin has needed experience

tannerfox> Knight led team with tackles last week

AdamCaplan> Which isn't good
tannerfox> Good that he was there to make em

pigskinpimp23> out of 10 plays to moss how many on AVG will Rashean cover effectively just a guess ?

AdamCaplan> Depends how they play it
pigskinpimp23> man on man
AdamCaplan> they may go pure cover-2
AdamCaplan> which I would expect
AdamCaplan> get a safety over the top
AdamCaplan> to help with Moss
AdamCaplan> nelson has to be disiplined this game

JaGpAn11> then you let New England pick you apart?

AdamCaplan> You can't play man
JaGpAn11> true
Charlie> Slow death or fast death, your choice
AdamCaplan> Like I said, the DEs must win up front
RobbC> slow allows more chances for mistakes... but then again, it's Brady

tannerfox> Nelson is a rookie but great speed and instincts
AdamCaplan> He's really raw
AdamCaplan> Michael Griffin of TEN is a bit ahead of him
AdamCaplan> but I think Nelson has more upside for the future
tannerfox> As are most rookies, but he shows signs of being very special in the years to come

Charlie> You don't buy into all the "bulletin board" stuff this week, do you?

AdamCaplan> Has no bearing on the game

AdamCaplan> Grady is funny, he's the only play I know of that won't get fined for not tucking his jersey in......because he can't...
Charlie> LOL

JaGpAn11> Adam, how are NE's Tackles. Will they be able to stop McCray off the edge and handle a 4-man pass rush with ease?

AdamCaplan> McCray is too small
AdamCaplan> noticed that last week
AdamCaplan> didn't look strong
AdamCaplan> he's not really a true edge rusher
JaGpAn11> true, he's a pure pass rusher
Charlie> McCray has been handled all year long by the average-good OT's
AdamCaplan> Light should be fine with Spicer
AdamCaplan> McCray and Hayard could do ok on other side

pigskinpimp23> SO we know why you think they cant & wont win...Tell us what you like about the Jags and how they can win!!!!

AdamCaplan> RBs must make big plays
AdamCaplan> and they need to get MJD in space
AdamCaplan> on passing plays
AdamCaplan> like that play last week
AdamCaplan> great call
AdamCaplan> NE LBs are too slow to cover him
AdamCaplan> they don't use him enough in passing game
AdamCaplan> that's one area where Koetter missed this season.
RobbC> I felt like they did last year
AdamCaplan> I know, strange
RobbC> OC, makes sense
AdamCaplan> Carl "bride of frankenstein" Smith did use him well there
RobbC> More draws than screens this year

Charlie> Has it become a pass first league, being that the best teams in each conference are primarily pass first teams?

AdamCaplan> Totally
AdamCaplan> it's a passing league
AdamCaplan> rules dictate that
RobbC> NFL wants points

AdamCaplan> Marcedes Lewis is so slow it's not funny

AdamCaplan> they really need speed at TE and WR
AdamCaplan> next year to compete at a higher level
pigskinpimp23> Broussard and Mike walker both injured
RobbC> They aren't sending Marcedes deep on routes, so hard to tell
RobbC> clearing out underneath
RobbC> and LOTS of blocking
Charlie> Northcutt is the guy with the most suddeness on the outside, and he's not that fast
AdamCaplan> Broussard was supposed to get 15-20 snaps a game in the second half of the season I was told had he not gotten hurt.
AdamCaplan> they made that choice during the bye .
AdamCaplan> He's the only true deep threat they have
Charlie> What about Matt Jones?
AdamCaplan> He runs with boots on
Charlie> I was just kidding
tannerfox> What about Reggie
AdamCaplan> He's not a fast receiver
AdamCaplan> None of them are
tannerfox> game speed and track speed are a bit different
JaGpAn11> Just split MoJo out, there's your speed
AdamCaplan> Yep
AdamCaplan> they should do that more
AdamCaplan> he would do great against NE LBs
AdamCaplan> like Eagles do with Brian Westbrook
Charlie> MJD doesn't adjust well to the ball in air
Charlie> it has to be put on him
RobbC> Why do you think we picked up Chad Owens (speed)... lol... not to muff returns ;)
AdamCaplan> Midgets have to find jobs.... so Owens is back.
RobbC> send him to circus
RobbC> there HAS to be circuses in Hawaii
tannerfox> Owens is Welker in practice
Charlie> He gets a postseason check for standing on the sideline
AdamCaplan> Another fine U of H WR
AdamCaplan> Chang to Owens...TD
Charlie> You mean it is just the system?

pigskinpimp23> Do you think Stroud and Peterson have played their last games as Jaguars do to Youth at LB and Stroud 's salary and injury status he's only played in 12/30 games

AdamCaplan> Peterson possibly
Charlie> Stroud's play has severely gone down
AdamCaplan> Problem with Stroud is they don't have anyone to replace him
pigskinpimp23> Rob Meier
AdamCaplan> Meier is a rotational player
JaGpAn11> Derek Landri is a beast...future PB in my opinion
Charlie> They've done better statistically w/o Stroud this year
AdamCaplan> of course they coudl draft someone
Charlie> Landri won't be a starter, IMO
tannerfox> How can anyone say he won't be a starter when he is only a rookie
tannerfox> Stroud, when healthy was a beast

AdamCaplan> Funny how Grady beat two double teams last week

AdamCaplan> I couldn't believe it
RobbC> he takes up THAT much room
AdamCaplan> Someone must have dangled a steak in front of him
AdamCaplan> with A-1
Charlie> Or some donuts
tannerfox> He was a great pick up for us at the time
RobbC> Finally a player that DOES eat babies... and teens
AdamCaplan> TAN: He's around 400
AdamCaplan> easily

AdamCaplan> If they win, we'll do it again next week. Later

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