Man Up: Rashean on Randy

Rashean Mathis is eager for the challenge of covering Randy Moss Saturday night.

"He's a great receiver and you have to love it as a DB to have the opportunity to cover a guy like that," Mathis said.

And Mathis also likes the fact he'll be healthy for the challenge.

Mathis started 14 games during the regular season, but he intercepted only one pass after making the Pro Bowl last year when he intercepted eight passes.

Mathis didn't want to admit it during the season, but he was battling injuries much of the time.

He missed the second half of the San Diego game and was inactive the following week. Mathis returned and played the rest of the season before resting in the season finale in Houston.

He then opened the playoffs in Pittsburgh playing the way he did last year as he picked off two Ben Roethlisberger passes and ran one back for a touchdown.

Now that he's healthy, Mathis is willing to talk about the injuries that slowed him down.

"I'm healthier now than I've been at least in the last month and a half. This is the time of year to be healthy," he said.

Mathis wasn't able to break on the ball and gamble when he was ailing.

"It's hard to get something when you're not able to recover if you're wrong. Both of my groin (muscles) gave out on me during the season. My shoulder, my elbow, a lot of things were nagging me that are not nagging me now," he said.

Not that Mathis wants to blame injuries.

"Everybody is hurt," he said. "You don't want to lay your hat on that. Your injury is not more important than the next person's injury."

He now gets a shot at covering Moss, although Mathis won't reveal if the Jaguars will have him shadow Moss all over the field or let Mathis and Brian Williams both cover him depending on which side of the field he lines up on.

The Jaguars also figure to double cover Moss with safety help because that's been the only way to slow Moss down during the season.

If they can contain Moss, they figure they have a shot at an upset.

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