Ingram Remembers Posterizing Cover Boy

Linebacker Clint Ingram said he'd forgotten about his big hit on Tom Brady last year until it became a topic of conversation this week.

Brady twice faked a slide and kept running in last year's game. The first time he did it, Ingram let up. But Ingram drilled Brady the second time he did it in the fourth quarter of the Patriots' 24-21 victory. Brady sat out a play and returned.

Ingram wasn't penalized or fined because Brady didn't slide so the hit was legal, but it raised some eyebrows in New England.

"It kind of got blown out of proportion because he's the poster guy for the NFL. I was just trying to make a physical play. There wasn't anything dirty about it because I didn't get fined and I'm sure they reviewed it several times because I know he was complaining about it. It was a pretty good lick, a little love tap. I don't think there's any bad blood about it. If the same situation came up again, I'd do the same thing," he said.

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