Looming... Pretty: Tom Brady

The outcome of this much anticipated Jaguars v. Patriots matchup will reside in the hands of the Most Valuable Player in the NFL, cover model Tom Brady.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have outlived preseason expectations this season to rise to the cusp of the elite teams in the NFL. They have endured the cold, brutal weather at Heinz Field not once but twice, and survived to take on the best regular season team in the history of the game. With the Jaguars sitting at a record of 12-5, they will go into Saturday night's game as heavy underdogs, in hopes of defeating the 16-0 Brady Bunch. Oops, I mean the New England Patriots.

Recently named the National Football League's most valuable player, eight year veteran and serial model dater Tom Brady has had one of the best seasons ever for a quarterback in 2007. Brady recently broke Peyton Manning's NFL record of 50 touchdown passes and has 578 passing attempts on the season with just eight interceptions. Some of statistical spike can be attributed to wide receiver Randy Moss, who caught an NFL record 23 touchdown passes and made impossible catches look very routine. Brady's number two target is Wes Welker, who quietly led the NFL with 112 receptions. With a 117.2 passer rating, Brady set a new NFL record for efficiency.

It is obvious that most of the credit for New England's perfect season record, and the Pats three Super Bowl rings is due to Tom Brady. The question is, will the Jacksonville defense have what it takes to stop him and his corps of fantastic receivers? Jacksonville has plenty to prove in Saturday night's game, and with that, they have nothing to lose. The Jaguars must get pressure from their front four to stop Tom Brady and throw the timing off of his playmakers.

If Jacksonville wants to prove all of the media pundits who may have underestimated them wrong, this is their chance. Time consuming drives on offense with no mistakes may be the only chance that the Jaguars have to win against this team. Brady could be the best quarterback ever, and the Jaguars must slow him down. Jacksonville cornerback Terry Cousin is ready to do just that.

"He's a Hall of Fame quarterback. He studies well. He's a pro. He's going to be at the stadium till whatever time he needs to be there. But so will I. I'll turn off the lights."

Talk is cheap during the week of the game. Actions will decide who plays in the AFC Championship game next week.

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