Movers and Shakers

Now that the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL season has come to a close with the playoff loss to the New England Patriots, we can begin looking ahead to personnel moves the team could be making in the near future.

It's a little too early to discuss possible draft picks, as that will be covered in the coming weeks with the senior bowl and combine. Let's discuss some of the Jacksonville Jaguars to be offensive free agents and possible cap casualties.

Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agents:

    Ernest Wilford, WR, UFA - Ernest Wilford had his typical average year. He isn't great, but he's not bad. He's a solid wide receiver to have on your roster if you don't need room for anything else. This will pose a problem for the Jaguars in the upcoming months. With Wilford being a free agent, he will not be signed for very cheap... but he won't be expensive either. With the emergence of Reggie Williams this year as a pseudo-playmaker, Dennis Northcutt as a return specialist and arguably the Jaguars No. 1 wide receiver, Matt Jones flailing for signs of life at the end of the season, John Broussard's blazing speed and potential, and Mike Walker coming back from injury... Suddenly the wide receiver position for the Jaguars becomes uncomfortably cramped. Personally, I do not think Ernest Wilford will be back with the Jaguars next season, despite being a big fan favorite, because he really does not do anything that much better than anyone else on the roster. Add in the fact that he is 29 years old and only entering his 5th season, and there's not a ton of upside. There is a possibility of receivers such as Chad Johnson, Roy Williams, and Bernard Berrian hitting the market in one way or another, and Ernest Wilford's time in Jacksonville could be limited if the Jaguars choose to pursue one of those "playmakers."

    Richard Angulo, TE, UFA - Angulo was a training camp body and found his way onto the roster after injuries to tight ends George Wrighster and Greg Estandia. Angulo has been linked to Jaguars Assistant Head Coach of Offense Mike Tice, as he was on the Minnesota Vikings roster when Tice was the head coach. Angulo is a huge target and adequate blocker for a tight end. He contributed during the season and the playoffs with some nice catches, but the likelihood he is re-signed by the Jaguars is slim to nil. With Wrighster and Estandia coming back from injuries, the tight end position should all be but locked up on the roster.

    Quinn Gray, QB, UFA - Quinn Gray is an interesting dilemma. He has been on the Jaguars roster for 5 years now, and has always been second or third fiddle. He has shown glimpses of great talent when he's received his opportunities, including this past season where he started in place of an injured David Garrard, and led the Jaguars to a 2-1 record in three road games before the season finale in which the Jaguars sat most of the offensive and defensive starters. Gray had some impressive games statistically during that stretch. Look for Gray to be re-signed if he doesn't command a lot of money. The big dilemma is that Gray will more than likely look for an opportunity to compete for a starting position in free agency. Gray was upset last season when he had a 2nd round restricted free agent tag slapped on him, and threatened to not sign the tender and hold out. With the desire to be a starting quarterback, and his showings he could handle the job, Quinn Gray will be a difficult re-sign for the Jaguars, and they may have to overpay. However, I believe it is necessary to re-sign him if he is not too demanding contractually. Gray offers a capable quarterback that you know you can win with over a short period of time if David Garrard suffers significant injury.

    Stocker McDougle, OT, UFA - McDougle is a semi-valuable player on the Jaguars roster. He has the ability to play both tackle positions and Jacksonville covets offensive lineman who can play multiple positions on the line. McDougle is not a starting quality tackle, but in a pinch he is an adequate spell. I do not see McDougle re-signed by the Jaguars for any significance. It's possible he could be brought back in training camp to be a body, but I believe the Jaguars will look for a younger tackle in free agency or the draft to groom, much like they have done Richard Collier.

    LeBrandon Toefield, RB, UFA - LeBrandon Toefield is a bit of a conundrum on the Jaguars roster. He looks the part and sometimes he shows the part... But he's never active. Toefield was a free agent last season, tested the waters, and wound up re-signing with Jacksonville. Toefield offers the ability to be a good back-up/spell running back, but on a roster that boasts Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Greg Jones... It's tough for him to get on the active game-day roster, let alone the field. Toefield has always shown ability, but he seems to come up short and disappoint at times. I don't see the Jaguars bringing Toefield back next season, choosing to move to one of the younger guys on the practice squad like D.D. Terry, or picking up a running back in the later rounds of the upcoming draft.

    Maurice Williams, OG/OT, UFA - Maurice Williams is just a team player, to be frank. He is a guy who did nothing but help the team when they replaced him on the offensive line with free agent Tony Pashos. Williams took a paycut, and changed positions so that he could help out the team. I believe Williams should be re-signed to play right guard for the Jaguars. He had a very good season filling in for the injured Chris Naeole. Considering Naeole's age and contract situation, Williams provides an adequate replacement at a relatively young age for guard standards.

    Tuton Reyes, OG, UFA - Reyes is a guard the Jaguars brought back and forth all season long. I could see the Jaguars bringing him back to training camp to compete for a roster spot much like Stockar McDougle, but anything else is probably unlikely. Reyes is an 8 year veteran with minimal starting experience. I'd look for the Jaguars to add more youth to the offensive line rather than bring back someone like Reyes.

Possible Cut Casualties:

    Chris Naeole, OG - If Maurice Williams is in fact re-signed by the Jaguars, I would look for Chris Naeole to probably be cut from the team. Naeole is 33, and he suffered a major injury this past season to his leg. Room could be made on the roster if Maurice Williams is re-signed for a younger back up guard.

    Matt Jones, WR - Matt Jones may be the biggest tease in the NFL. In his rookie season, he showed flashes of being a playmaker and a down the field threat. In his second season he displayed the inability to stay healthy, but he also produced in some big games. Then this past season he showed the ability to throughly disappoint on and off the field, and remain inactive for much of the season. You could really call Matt Jones' position this year as Jack Del Rio's babysitter, as he was often seen hanging out with little Del Rio. Then, Matt Jones shows up big in the final game of the season and in the playoffs displaying some big play ability. While his potential and raw ability are hard to part ways with, his frustration and his perceived "I don't care" attitude are not. Do not be surprised to see Matt Jones dropped from the roster, as he would cost basically nothing, or he could even be an opening day starter. At this point nothing would surprise anyone regarding this guy.

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