Jaguars Shopping for Help in the Middle

In the NFL's great January flea market known as the Senior Bowl, the Jaguars have been busy looking at and talking to players to help rebuild their once proud defense. One of the players that the Jaguars have taken a keen interest to is the reigning Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year, linebacker Jordan Dizon from the University of Colorado.

Dizon is an active, undersized linebacker that stands just shy of 6'0" tall, and weighs just 225 pounds. The speedy Dizon has been clocked in the 4.6 range in the 40 yard dash, and has one of those "motors" that make defensive players special. has the former Hawaiian native rated as the eighth best linebacker, and former NFL scout Tom Marino has Dizon's physical abilities rating as a second to third round level.

Dizon's head coach Dan Hawkins had complimentary things to say about Jordan-

"The guy has a relentless motor. We always talk about playing hard, playing smart and having fun and he does that. It is always one of those intangibles, and it is kind of hard to figure out exactly why some guys are going to work harder, whether you are a writer or a football player. Generally at the end of the day, the guys who can grind and grind hard every day are usually pretty successful."

Hawkins went on about Dizon--

"He should be the Butkus (Award) guy as well. Just his production, you look at what he has done and the schedule we have played. Again, it's easy to say we all like our own guys, but we've had a lot of (scouts) who have seen every football player in America come through here and it is pretty much a unanimous call by them that he is the best linebacker in the country."

With young linebackers Daryl Smith, Clint Ingram, and Justin Durant currently on the Jaguars roster, as well as veteran Mike Peterson, the Jaguars aren't expected to be in the market for a linebacker early in the draft. Then again, not many people had the team taking Durant in the second round last year.

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