Inside Gregg Williams

Now that the "secret" signing of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been made public, although the Jaguars won't confirm it yet, we at JagNation did our best to find out what Williams is all about from someone who's covered every single game that Williams had coached when he was in Washington.

JagNation went to Warpath Insiders writer John Keim to get the full scoop, and here's what he had to say about the Jaguars latest hire.

About Williams as a person/interview--

"Williams is an excellent quote and offers very good insight. He likes when you appear to be knowledgeable, whether from taking the extra step (I used to re-watch the games every Monday and try to pick up 1-2 things to ask him on the days he talked), or just from knowing the ins and outs of the league, etc. He is an extremely hard worker so he likes people he perceives as being the same. I learned an awful lot about the game and defenses from him."

About Williams philosophies--

"He loves to blitz and bring pressure. He can be very creative, but for the first half of this past season they rarely blitzed, instead using a lot of cover-2. In the second half of the year, and after Sean (Taylor) died, they blitzed a lot more. The players loved playing for him because if they worked hard and approached their jobs in a professional manner, they would play. Rarely did a guy play who was unprepared. He will not play a rookie first-round pick before he thinks he's ready. Laron Landry was unique in that he started almost from day one. Sean Taylor did not, and neither did Carlos Rogers. He loves guys who play with a chip on their shoulder; and it's how he coaches. and if you ask him what kind of player he likes he'll say, 'good ones'. His defenses do not force a lot of turnovers or produce a lot of sacks. He's a very good coordinator, but it helped here that Joe left him alone. Del Rio will have to do the same."

This will likely be the most talented defense that Williams has taken over since he ran the Tennessee Titans unit back in the late 90's. Williams led his 1999 Titans defense to a Super Bowl berth, the same team that defeated the Jaguars three times in that season. It will be interesting to see how Williams sets up the Jaguars defense with his exotic blitzes that tend to keep cornerbacks on an island. Williams will have to evaluate the Jaguars talent quickly, as free agency begins in about three weeks, and the Jaguars have some decisions to make about personnel.

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