Montell Owens: A Maine Bear

Montell Owens talks to Christina at about coming from the University of Maine.

Christina Hovestadt: What monumental accomplishments do you recall from the University of Maine?

Montell Owens: I was a Dean's List Student. I never really had the chance to be that "standout" player when it came to football. I never had those big plays that make headlines.

CH: You were a dean's list student, what did you study at UM?

MO: Biology and Kinesiology. I also studied Jazz Studies and Performance.

CH: Was the University of Maine your top choice when it came to recruits?

MO: The University of Maine was my only choice. They were the only school that was willing to offer me a full scholarship. I also looked at University of Maryland, as well as a lot of division II and III schools. The University of Maine won a championship prior to my attendance, so that was an influential factor in my final decision.

CH: When did you start becoming recognized and recruited by college teams?

MO: I did not have many high school accolades to rely on. I was never all-state, I was pretty much an un-heard of player. There was always that one team or coach that believed in me, and in that case, Maine was that team. Someone happened to see my film, and it went from there.

CH: When did you know that football was something you wanted to pursue at the professional level?

MO: I believe that any great athlete is never satisfied. They always want to be better then what they are. In junior high, they want to play college ball, in high school, they want to play in college, in college, they want to go pro. That's pretty much been my philosophy all the way through.

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