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  • With just a few days left until free agency, all NFL teams are positioning and plotting a strategy to fill their needs and spend some of the ample cap dollars that seem to be floating around. The Jaguars made a few moves today that can only be considered minor on the grand scale of things. The team announced that they re-signed four of their free agents, headlined by offensive lineman Tutan Reyes. The team also re-signed tight end Richard Angulo, quarterback Todd Bouman, and tight end Charles Davis. More on the story from

  • Although much hasn't happened as far as news goes for Jaguars starting tight end Marcedes Lewis, the former first-round pick is getting rave reviews from the Jaguars coaching staff. Jacksonville head coach Jack Del Rio talked fondly of his former first-round pick in his press conference at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, when he said, "Marcedes was really our go-to guy in the passing game, and our primary blocker. We were able to continue to rush the ball at a great level. (Marcedes) wasn't quite that effective as a blocker (as Kyle Brady), but he's done a nice job for us and allowed us to run the ball, and also gave us a downfield threat. Marcedes had a big year for us and we think he's just getting started." Lewis finished fifth on the team in receptions with 37, and will likely be more involved in the passing game in 2008.

  • In Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio's press conference, he refused to add "fire" to the speculation that a changing of the guard is taking place in the Jaguars backfield. "I'm not into the crystal ball business," Del Rio said. "Obviously, Maurice is an excellent football player, a very explosive player. We like the fact that both of them are still playing at a very high level right now. We also know Fred can't do it forever. At some point, Fred will get less and Maurice will get more. "There is no reason to rush that. We're very happy to have two guys that are great teammates. They're both explosive. They give us a very strong 1-2 punch. When we take one guy out and go to the next guy, we don't drop off. We have that explosive guy who can make a guy miss and go the distance. So right now, it's a luxury for us, one we're enjoying."

  • With former Pro Bowl defensive tackle Marcus Stroud's health being an enormous question mark for the team, there has been certain speculation around the Jaguars possibly trading for Lions Pro Bowl defensive tackle Shaun Rogers. Whereas the Lions drenched rumors that Rogers would be released, a trade is not out of the question. He's a heck of a player," Marinelli said. "We like him, and he performed very well. But now we're just in a situation. Obviously this thing started at the Senior Bowl, however that happened, people have gotten interest. So we're just ... I can't come out and say this is going to happen. I don't want to say that. We'll just kind of wait and see how the whole thing works out." Marinelli said he's not concerning himself with the various rumors floating around about who is, or isn't, interested in Rogers. "That's why I say they're rumors, and I just deal with that," Marinelli said. "A lot of information, and you just kind of put it in this can over here. And it's just information, some true, some false. I think when you talk to people that matter in the decision-making process, then that's when it's real."

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