Ask Charlie 02/27/2008

Charlie Bernstein from answers the pressing questions from Jaguars fans

Given that the Jaguars don't have a 7th round pick or a 6th rounder (probably) now, do you see the Jags trading for anyone else? Vilma and some other guys have been brought up, but does the lack of draft picks change things? from Brendan in Oviedo

I believe the feeling around the Jaguars front office is that they are extremely close to being a legitimate Super Bowl contender, and may be just a few impact players away. With this year's draft class being considered by many as thin, I can see the Jaguars sacrificing some selections in the 2008 draft for either a player than can help them immediately, or for more picks next year. It may not be coincidence that immediately after returning for the combine, the Jaguars traded away one of their picks.

Do you think that with the glaring need at safety, do we pick up Kenny Phillips if he's available? Or do we wait until the later rounds and draft a pure strong safety like Jamar Adams? from Hombre in Gainesville

From the draft experts I talked to, Kenny Phillips did himself a disservice at the combine, and he may not be graded out by the Jaguars scouts as a first-round prospect. Although grabbing a player like Phillips early on would likely be a cheaper alternative to the free agent route, his impact may not be fully felt in 2008. Don't be surprised if the team ends up re-signing Sammy Knight.
In regards to the Williamson trade...Does that spell the end of the Jags trying to upgrade the receiver position this offseason, or can we expect more? from BS in FL

I believe the Jaguars have a specific value set on all free agents, especially at wide receiver, and I think that guys like Bernard Berrian and Randy Moss will far exceed the value the Jaguars would spend. Whereas the Williamson deal is really a small blip on the Jaguars off-season radar, I don't think it would keep them from exploring further free agent wide receiver options, if one or more would be available at the right dollar figure.

Kenny Phillips, Chris Williams, and Phillip Merling are all on the board when we pick. Who's your pick and why? from JagH in Gatorland

That's an interesting scenario. The "PC" answer is that you go with whomever is rated the highest on your board, but you already know that. I don't think Phillips is worthy of a first-round selection. Williams could be the future at left tackle, but he wouldn't likely help you at all in 2008. In the Jaguars current situation, I would select Merling, based squarely on the need at defensive end, as well as the type of impact player he could become. If Dominique Rogers-Cromartie were still on the board, he'd be my pick.

Charlie, our TE was just about depleted by injuries last year. Is Wrighster likely to be here or has his time come and gone with the good play from the younger TE's? from Chuck in Jax

I believe Wrighster is almost as good of an athlete as Marcedes Lewis, and he definitely has playmaking abilities. His blocking has come a very long way since the time he was a rookie, and the only thing that's held him back has been various injuries. Assuming Wrighster is in good health, I can't see a way that he doesn't earn a roster spot.

Greg Estandia was awesome last year up until he got hurt. Charlie, We recently signed Angulo. What does this mean for the TE Position? Do we keep 4 TE's? from Greg in Jax

Your obviously very excited about Estandia. Greg's a nice young player, but let's put his production in perspective: 9 receptions for 136 yards and no touchdowns. I'm not sure I would classify that as awesome. The team currently has five tight ends signed-Marcedes Lewis, George Wrighster, Greg Estandia, Richard Angulo, and Charles Davis. They will try to keep the best 53 players on the roster, and that could include anywhere from two to five tight ends. All of that competition will work itself out during training camp. The only guy that is completely guaranteed a roster spot is Marcedes Lewis, who is looking for a breakout 2008.

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