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The Rumor Mill is chock full of news this week with free agency less than a day away. Where will Ernest Wilford end up? What is the health of Mike Walker? Will the Jaguars re-sign Sammy Knight or Grady Jackson? Which defensive end will they make a play for? Check the mill to see what we're hearing from NFL Insiders, league sources and some of our many contacts around the league.

02/28/08 - Ernest Wilford is a free agent, which teams are interested? We are hearing reports of the strongest interest from Buffalo and Minnesota, and don't count out Cleveland. With the Williamson trade, there is virtually no chance Wilford returns to Jacksonville.
02/28/08 - Troy Williamson to Jacksonville- Technically, it's still a rumor…for at least the next 12 hours. Williamson has been dealt to the Jaguars for what's being reported as a sixth-round pick. If the Jaguars coaching staff can fix his hands/mind, they'll have a steal. If not, very little was lost.
02/28/08 - Is Randy Moss visiting north Florida? Not likely. Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver has shied away from players with Moss' character issues before, and he's not likely to open up the checkbook to the tune of an eight-figure signing bonus for a player with Moss' baggage, when the Jaguars offense is coming off a record breaking season. Expect Moss to re-sign with New England as early as today.
02/28/08 - Bernard Berrian? He has great speed without the issues of Moss, but don't expect the Jaguars to be a serious player. There are reports of early interest from Tennessee and Minnesota, as well as San Diego, and don't count out a return to the Bears. Bidding will be way up for this player whose production has grown in each of his four NFL seasons.
02/28/08 - Donte Stallworth? Stallworth is a legitimate option for the Jaguars, as he has solid speed and good hands. Stallworth led the Eagles in receiving two years ago, and could be a possible compliment to Reggie Williams.
02/28/08 - Is Mike Walker healthy? Did he have microfracture surgery? JagNation heard directly from his agent, Walker did NOT have microfracture surgery, just a "regular" clean-up procedure. Walker's recovery is said to be on schedule.
02/28/08 - Which free agent defensive end will the Jaguars pursue? The leading candidate remains Justin Smith, formerly of the Bengals. Smith is very good against the run and was able to manufacture some pass rush despite playing with mediocre talent. Smith will likely command better than $15 million in signing bonus money.
02/28/08 - Antoine Odom would likely be second on the Jaguars wish list. Odom had three poor, underachieving seasons in Tennessee before breaking out in 2007 with 8.5 sacks. Odom will likely command an eight figure signing bonus.
02/28/08 - Will Jonathan Vilma be traded to the Jaguars? There have been rumors floating around that the Jaguars may be interested in acquiring Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma. There is some perceived interest by the Jaguars, as well as Detroit and New Orleans. Will it happen? My guess is no. Detroit and New Orleans have a greater need at linebacker and each will likely offer the Jets more trade compensation.
02/28/08 - Is Grady Jackson returning to the Jaguars? Chances are slim. Jackson is 35, and the Jaguars are looking to get younger at defensive tackle, especially with Tony McDaniel returning from injury and Derek Landri playing well in the postseason.
02/28/08 - Will Sammy Knight be back? I think so. Knight did a solid job at strong safety, and despite his age (32), he can still be a solid depth player for a team which has a question mark at strong safety, and knows what he can do.
02/28/08 - Gibril Wilson? Many publications are reporting Giants strong safety Gibril Wilson as a possible fit in Jacksonville, but we haven't heard anything just yet. It seems a little unlikely that the Jaguars would pay big money for a non-premium position like strong safety.

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