New Jaguar Scouting Report: Cleo Lemon

With the news breaking earlier that the Jaguars inked quarterback Cleo Lemon to a three year, $9.1 million deal, we at JagNation wanted to find out as much as he could about Jacksonville's new signal caller. Dolphins Digest publisher Alain Poupart has watched every game that Lemon has played in since being traded to Miami back in 2005. Here's what he had to say -

"Lemon is the kind of guy who always looks better than he plays. He's mobile and can make things happen with his scrambling and he's got a live arm that gives him the ability to make all the throws -- and every once in a while he will throw a pass that will leave you nodding your head in approval.

But the truth is he's not a great quarterback, and that might be being kind. His decision-making isn't particularly impressive and he seems to have a nasty habit of locking on to receivers. He also seems to get flustered in the pocket very quickly.

That's what we saw last season when he got his first extended playing time for the Dolphins after Trent Green was knocked out. The Dolphins really didn't want to have to use John Beck last year but they really had no choice because Lemon was so ineffective.

As an emergency quarterback to finish out a game, Lemon is okay, but if he has to lead an offense for a few weeks, he just hasn't shown any signs that he's capable of shining in that role. And he's already been in the league a few years now, so it's time to accept what he is as a quarterback.

On the positive side, he's a good guy who is well liked by his teammates and he's never going to make waves. But he's also just a marginal quarterback."

Fortunately for Jacksonville, they have a solid starting quarterback in David Garrard and nearly $4 million of Cleo Lemon's contract is incentive based. If Lemon lives down to his name, the team won't have much invested.

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