Free Agency Chat Transcript 03/05/08

Transcript of JagNation's chat with NFL Expert Adam Caplan regarding free agency and the draft.

adamcaplan has entered the room

adamcaplan> hi kids
RobbC> let the interrogation begin
adamcaplan> I didn't do it judge
adamcaplan> trust me

CharlieBernstein> Is Jason Taylor going to be on the market?
adamcaplan> Yes
adamcaplan> I don't believe Parcells for a second
adamcaplan> he's just pissed word got out
CharlieBernstein> Me neither, it doesn't make sense to build around a 34 year old

ReggietheBustWilliams> Whats your opinion on Jason Taylor, what will it take to get him, and do the Jags have a good chance?
adamcaplan> Taylor has two years left
adamcaplan> owed $15.5 million
adamcaplan> a team must have good cap space to do it
adamcaplan> but MIN and others could go after him

jpon87> Adam, Vic Ketchman insinuated that the Jags have money saved to make a big run at a premium DE they feel will be available soon, is it Taylor or someone else?
adamcaplan> Would have to be a trade
adamcaplan> no one else left

ReggietheBustWilliams> what the compensation for taylor?
adamcaplan> I would think second or third rounder
adamcaplan> he's durable and still solid

adamcaplan> None
adamcaplan> they have no one else

CharlieBernstein> Can Jimmy Kennedy play at all?
adamcaplan> #4 DT
CharlieBernstein> That's what I figured

pigskinpimp23> Any Chance Jags trade picks to move up the draft
adamcaplan> If a DE is there sure

RasheanMachine> Are the Jets going to go with Pennington or Clemens at QB this year? And what do you make of their spending spree so far? Lots of guaranteed money they're on the hook for.
adamcaplan> Not unless they have to
adamcaplan> they want to have a backup plan
adamcaplan> for Clemens if he doesn't play well or gets hurt

TheDav> Adam, what's your opinion on Cleo Lemon?
adamcaplan> Solid backup
adamcaplan> good movement skills
adamcaplan> good signing for JAC

Jags1016> Adam, Does Jerry Porter still have it and what do you think of the signing?
adamcaplan> IF he comes in and works hard, will be a major upgrade
adamcaplan> but he's not a #1 WR
adamcaplan> keep that in mind
adamcaplan> he doesn't always come to play
adamcaplan> but he was miserable in OAK

TheDav> he's got to be an upgrade on Matt Jones.
adamcaplan> You're an upgrade over him
TheDav> LOL

Jags1016> Do the Eagles trade for Larry Fitzgerald?
adamcaplan> I'm told ARI is close to getting the restructuring done
adamcaplan> about 85% there
adamcaplan> but the last 15% is an issue

RasheanMachine> We've had some Raiders fans coming to our board telling us what a malcontent Jerry Porter is. And now, the Raiders signed Javon Walker to that ridiculous contract. Your thoughts?
adamcaplan> Porter speaks his mind
adamcaplan> I may have something about Porter in my blog next week
adamcaplan> about practice habits
adamcaplan> stay tuned

adamcaplan> Funny thing there, Walker and Kelly-ACL guys
adamcaplan> yet they got paid big money back OAKL
CharlieBernstein> What's with those WVU guys?
CharlieBernstein> I tore my ACL, I wonder if I can get paid there?
adamcaplan> If you can run straight well, sure
adamcaplan> that's what Grampa Al likes
TheDav> Charlie, you have that weeble-wobble when you run....
adamcaplan> but he doesn't fall down
CharlieBernstein> I can stay upright

Jags1016> Cowboys quiet this free agency and still suspect in the secondary, How come?
adamcaplan> They're in pretty good shape
adamcaplan> they need depth badly in certain areas
adamcaplan> WR

ReggietheBustWilliams> what is the plan at safety for the Jags
adamcaplan> I believe they will draft a SS or sign one to compete against Sensabaugh
adamcaplan> BTW, they were in the bidding for Madieu Williams

Jags1016> Adam, Any interest in Chris Naeole?
adamcaplan> He'll find some
adamcaplan> because there is little talent left at Guard in free agency

adamcaplan> speaking of, I just posted my best offensive free agents today
adamcaplan> check them out
adamcaplan> Defensive players tomorrow

Jags1016> Adam, How bout the Niners with Naeole, They need o-line help?
adamcaplan> Possibly
adamcaplan> they need two guards
TheDav> Naeole is VERY gimpy.
adamcaplan> Still, he's talented

CharlieBernstein> Where did you end up putting Harrington
adamcaplan>  Near the top
adamcaplan> and it's the free agency era, everyone gets paid

ReggietheBustWilliams> whats your take on the Jags FA so far?
CharlieBernstein> Good question Reg
adamcaplan> I'm fine with Lemon and Porter, very bad move with Florence
adamcaplan> I wonder if they watched his tape from last season
adamcaplan> he got benched not because Cromartie was ready
JagHombre22> he was a good starter in 06
adamcaplan> he was awful last year
adamcaplan> teams targeted him every week
adamcaplan> doesn't play the ball in the air well
JagHombre22> well, considering he was the second best corner on the market...

JagHombre22> adam, I don't understand why you like the Porter move but dislike the Florence move? they both had subpar seasons...
adamcaplan> Porter played with bad QBs
adamcaplan> getting out of Oakland should help

Jags1016> When do you think Jason Taylor would be traded?
adamcaplan> Before the draft
adamcaplan> has to
adamcaplan> would make no sense to wait until after that
Jags1016> Think the Jags will make a run at him
CharlieBernstein> I thought it was funny when Parcells said that Taylor would be a Dolphin unless he retired

adamcaplan> For draft: G, SS, OL depth
adamcaplan> DE
adamcaplan> and offense in general

TheDav> What about the QB situation in Cleveland? How can they pay 2 guys that much money and sit one?
RasheanMachine> Good question, dav. I'm already tired of Brady Quinn's protein drink commercial.
adamcaplan> CLE doesn't want to trade either
TheDav> THAT is what I mean.
adamcaplan> Quinn wouldn't yield them much yet

jpon87> There's no way Parcells keeps the #1 when he can net a bunch of picks to fill all the holes on that team, is there?
adamcaplan> Problem is he can't trade down if no one wants that pick
adamcaplan> See Alex Smith-SF

adamcaplan> they wanted to trade down
adamcaplan> no one wanted it

tannerfox> Don't you think Florence benefited from the Chargers being able to put pressure on the opposing QB
adamcaplan> He didn't benefit from anything, he didn't play well
adamcaplan> one has nothing to do with the other

JagHombre22> but if florence was signed to play the's a good signing...
adamcaplan> Look at his guaranteed money
adamcaplan> no way was it worth it
adamcaplan> based on his play last year
jpon87> true
JagHombre22> they wanted him...

RasheanMachine> Seems like the national media has calmed down slightly about Vince Young and now realize he needs WR help. What will they do to address the problem? Seems like a sure-bet they will go WR in the 1st round.
adamcaplan> Not sure what you mean
adamcaplan> Young proved he's very immature and isn't a good QB yet
adamcaplan> not having solid WRs has nothing to do with it
adamcaplan> his new OC is really good but won't take his BS
RasheanMachine> I'm in agreement with you. Just referencing an SI article I read today.
TheDav> The Titans sure have freed up some cap space, too....
adamcaplan> TEN had like 6 players in today
adamcaplan> a few more later this week

ReggietheBustWilliams> I read Williamson is immature and has bad work habits, is there any truth to that?
adamcaplan> To a degree, yes
adamcaplan> but he also needed to get out of MIN

Jags1016> Does Quinn Gray go to the Falcons?
adamcaplan> They do need a backup now
adamcaplan> Gray should get a lot of play
adamcaplan> GB too
adamcaplan> AJ Feeley could be dealt by the Eagles

JagHombre22> are you so sure that Gray will be a backup in Atlanta?
adamcaplan>  Redman isn't anything special but Gray isn't either
adamcaplan> not that it matters
adamcaplan> they will be drafting a QB in first or second round

TheDav> ,,,and handing off to Turner a lot.
adamcaplan> Power scheme they will run

Jags1016> Adam, The Eagles want a Playmaker for Mcnabb, and looking to get a big name. They wanted Moss. Who do they try to go after now?
adamcaplan> They also tried for Fitzgerald , no dice
adamcaplan> no one really left
JagHombre22> is fitzgerald really, REALLY available...??
adamcaplan> No, Eagles called anyway
adamcaplan> to see what was going on
Jags1016> How about Roy Williams?
adamcaplan> WR or S?
Jags1016> WR, for the eagles
adamcaplan> Detroit says they won't trade him
adamcaplan> but Sheppard for him makes a lot of sense
adamcaplan> for both teams
adamcaplan> DET CBs are weak
adamcaplan> no real talent there
Jags1016> I would say Sheppard and a 2nd rounder to Detroit for williams
adamcaplan> Makes no sense
adamcaplan> CBs have more value than WRs always
adamcaplan> that's the way NFL people think
adamcaplan> OLT, RDE, QB, CB
adamcaplan> money positions

RasheanMachine> How many primetime games do you anticipate the Jags getting this year?
adamcaplan> 2.. maybe
adamcaplan> problem is Jags aren't really a name team

ReggietheBustWilliams> Whats the status on Mo Williams, and would the Jags have him back?
adamcaplan> I don't see Williams back

jpon87> Adam, are the defensive ends in this draft as good as advertised depth wise, or is this just a rush to grab ends after the Giants performance this post season?
adamcaplan> This is really a free agency chat but depth at DE is so-so in draft

JagHombre22> so who's the best DE left available in FA?
adamcaplan> Check my list tomorrow AM
adamcaplan> bad list though
adamcaplan> when Jevon Kearse gets interest you know it's bad
Jags1016> I thought the Jags would be intersted in Kearse as a rotational player
adamcaplan> That's what he is now

Jags1016> Who do you see taking Naeole's place?
adamcaplan> draft or Reyes if they have to

JagHombre22> what about Uche Nwaneri?
adamcaplan> He's not ready yet
TheDav> Dennis Norman is ready.

pigskinpimp23> Adam do you see Gregg Williams making the Jags D Alot better this year and do you see the Jags Blitzing alot more under him!!!
adamcaplan> Funny thing, he didn't blitz as much as usual last year because they were deep at CB

jpon87> was this the worst FA crop in a long time?
adamcaplan> What's left is, yes
adamcaplan> short free agency as predicted, like 3 days

ReggietheBustWilliams> Is Eugene Wilson still on the Jags radar?
adamcaplan>  PIT and JAC like him
adamcaplan> he got benched last season though
adamcaplan> buyer beware

Jags1016> Any Trades in the Works?
adamcaplan> One GM told me it's the most trade talk he's ever seen

pigskinpimp23> Do you think Brett Favre is really going to stay retired???
adamcaplan> I believe so

Jags1016> I hope the Jags pull the trigger on Jason Taylor
pigskinpimp23> Me too
adamcaplan> There will be a lot of teams interested even at his age
adamcaplan> lots of teams need pass rushing help

RasheanMachine> Where will DJ Hackett wind up? Back in Seattle?
adamcaplan> That's his first choice I'm told
adamcaplan> WAS though really is interested
adamcaplan> no visits as of today
adamcaplan> but his people are talking to a lot of teams

ReggietheBustWilliams> who made the best fa signing so far in your opinion?
adamcaplan> CLE getting badly needed DT help
adamcaplan> and PHI with Samuel
adamcaplan> Faneca with NYJ
adamcaplan> that LG position was a revolving door last season for them
jpon87> thats a solid left side with Ferguson, Faneca, Mangold
adamcaplan> Ferguson was terrible last season
adamcaplan> should have been benched

ReggietheBustWilliams> Do you think Shaun Rodgers with all his baggage is a good move?
adamcaplan> Why CLE gave him a new deal is beyond me
adamcaplan> he didn't deserve one

TheDav> Adam, does Isaac Bruce has enough left in the tank to contribute to the 49ers?
adamcaplan> He could start
adamcaplan> because their WRs are so bad
adamcaplan> DJackson was a gimp
adamcaplan> they made a bad signing with him
adamcaplan> you know it's bad when a team trades a WR to team in the same division

Jags1016> Adam, Warrick Dunn to the Cowboys?
adamcaplan> He wants to do there... possibly
adamcaplan> they want him
RasheanMachine> or the lions
Jags1016> I think bad fit in Dallas

pigskinpimp23> Any word on Henderson and his thoughts of his sidekick gone to Bills???
adamcaplan> Henderson will need help this season
adamcaplan> Landri will play a lot
adamcaplan> Landri really stood out on the tape I watched
adamcaplan> from the playoffs
adamh0903> i love landri
adamcaplan> high energy DT

pigskinpimp23> Meier I think can start
adamcaplan> They like Meier as swing DE/DT

jpon87> is Julius Jones getting any play?
adamcaplan> In TEN today
adamcaplan> they want him

Jags1016> Vic Ketchman said the Jags have put money aside to sign a Big time soon to be released DE?
adamcaplan> I'll see who might get cut
adamcaplan> good DEs don't get cut
adamcaplan> usually they get traded

adamcaplan> All: That's all the time I have, we'll do it again soon
jpon87> thanks adam
TheDav> thanks, Adam.
ReggietheBustWilliams> thanks adam
pigskinpimp23> Thanks Adam
RobbC> thanks ac
JagsMac> He actually said "available"
tannerfox> Thanks Adam
Jags1016> Thanks adam
JagsMac> Cya
TheDav> line of the day: TheDav would be an upgrade over Matt Jones. LOL
jpon87> thanks for setting this up fellas
RobbC> nice crowd guys
RobbC> and questions

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