Former Jaguars Quarterbacks Making the Rounds

As we've entered the second week of free agency, the interest level amongst Jaguars fans seems to be as follows: 1) Which players did the Jaguars sign, and can these guys play? 2) Which players are the Jaguars looking at in the draft? 3) Where are the current and former Jaguars free agents going, especially the quarterbacks?

It seems as if the team has slowed down with the new free agent signings, as most of the market has dried up worse than my face after spending six hours in the sun at Sunday's scouting combine (sorry, just venting). Our coverage of the draft has been strong, and will stay that way up to the time the Jaguars have made their final selection.

As for the former Jaguars quarterbacks that are now free agents, they are currently looking for work around the league. There is finally some news regarding a few of these players. Former Jaguars backup quarterback Quinn Gray may be the only person outside of Aaron Rodgers that is benefiting from Brett Favre's retirement. Gray was invited to the "frozen tundra" for a visit with the Packers. If Gray is signed in Green Bay he will likely be handed the backup job. Following Gray's trip to Green Bay, he hopped aboard a flight that took him out to the "Dysfunctional Black Hole" out in Oakland. The Raiders job may be a better opportunity for Gray to get reps right away, as they are still grooming last season's #1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell.

Former Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell, who led the team's "legendary" runs throughout the franchise's early history apparently still plans on continuing his NFL career. Brunell visited with New Orleans yesterday, and has reportedly been talking with Green Bay, the team that originally drafted him, about their backup role.

There has still been no word about the whereabouts or current employment status of former Jaguars quarterback Byron Leftwich. A little over a year ago, the injury-plagued Leftwich was pronounced the Jaguars starting quarterback by head coach Jack Del Rio at the 2007 scouting combine. Leftwich lost the starting job and his roster spot during preseason, as he seemed to regress, and David Garrard stepped his game up considerably. Leftwich spent the rest of 2007 with Atlanta, and he played in just 3 games while battling more ankle injuries. The NFL really does stand for "not for long" when you consider the fall that Leftwich took in a little over 12 months. It would've been nearly unfathomable to most NFL fans last year, that both Quinn Gray and Mark Brunell would be more attractive free agent options than Byron Leftwich.

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