Adam Caplan Chat Transcript - 03/13/08

Is Khalif Barnes being traded? What tackle could take his place? How badly did Tom Coughlin treat Fred Taylor? This and more in our chat with NFL Expert Adam Caplan.

adamcaplan> To start off, don't be surprised if Barnes is traded before the draft
CharlieBernstein> Really, that's news
tannerfox> Interesting I like Barnes
adamcaplan> they like Otah
adamcaplan> but would have to trade up to get him
CharlieBernstein> Will he last?
adamcaplan> Also keep in mind Barnes is on the last year of his deal
adamcaplan> He has too much baggage for them to re-sign him
CharlieBernstein> Will he make it to #21, #22?
adamcaplan> No
adamcaplan> Otah should be gone by #15
CharlieBernstein> They don't have enough picks to move up that far
adamcaplan> It's something I will be keeping an eye on, lets put it that way
CharlieBernstein> They must trust Collier a lot to make a move like that
CharlieBernstein> I certainly understand the rationale behind it
adamcaplan> I say they would only do it if they could get a solid LT
tannerfox> agree, but I am not ready to start a rookie LT this season
adamcaplan> Chris Williams or Otah

tannerfox> What happened to the old adage it takes around five years to develop a good LT?
adamcaplan> Not in this day and age of the NFL
adamcaplan> I didn't think Joe Thomas could do it
adamcaplan> but he did it from day one
CharlieBernstein> Thomas was great last year for Cleveland
tannerfox> I am outdated
adamcaplan> Should have been a first team all pro
CharlieBernstein> Never noticed him, which is great for O-lineman and referees
adamcaplan> True, that's a good sign

adamcaplan> BTW, for those Sirius subscribers
adamcaplan> I'm on tomorrow night from 8-11 pm est on 124
adamcaplan> saturday 6-9pm
CharlieBernstein> Nice, busy weekend
adamcaplan> Two weeks owners meetings in Palm Beach
CharlieBernstein> Not a bad place to be

CharlieBernstein> Any interesting proposed rule changes?
adamcaplan> More tune ups
tannerfox> Charlie did well in his spot on NFL Network

adamcaplan> BTW, Jags have interest in Flacco
adamcaplan> perhaps more than I thought
CharlieBernstein> Will he get picked in round one?
adamcaplan> Late first, early second
tannerfox> Flacco, to me is over rated. Good arm but thats about it.
adamcaplan> If you had seen him play I'd go further but you obviously haven't seen him
adamcaplan> or not enough
JagsMac> Ketchman doesn't throw a name like that out without cause
CharlieBernstein> I'm not sold on him
RobbC> That's too soon for us though, I'd think. Other needs
tannerfox> Ketchminites abound
adamcaplan> Garrard is still limited
adamcaplan> I think he can take you so far
CharlieBernstein> I guess that would keep Garrard from getting a new deal
JagsMac> I agree Robb....early for us IMO
adamcaplan> Garrard is on the last year of his deal
adamcaplan> What did Vic say?
JagsMac> Vic has just "thrown" the name out as a possible QB of interest, and backed it up with info....
adamcaplan> will be interesting to see what they do with him
CharlieBernstein> They've been talking extension
JagsMac> Talk of big new deal here, adam
CharlieBernstein> From what I understand they're close to a deal
adamcaplan> If he does get it, will be interesting to see the terms

tannerfox> What do you think Jason Taylors future is?
adamcaplan> I think he's dealt before or by draft time
CharlieBernstein> They can't build around him (Taylor)
JagsMac> Think draft day trade. now
JagsMac> more value to Parcells
adamcaplan> Parcells has to rebuild
tannerfox> Were not rebuilding I would hope. We need help now. Question is, can he return to form for a couple of years?
adamcaplan> JAX needs pass rushing help, badly
JagsMac> Agree, but I think Taylor is a big chip to him
CharlieBernstein> Hayward can't be counted on to fully recover
adamcaplan> Even so, they don't have enough pass rushers

CharlieBernstein> Will Quinn Gray sign in Oakland?
adamcaplan> He's getting a lot of interest, GB, OAK

tannerfox> Same question regarding Julius Peppers
adamcaplan> It's odd how bad he was last year
adamcaplan> no one has a real answer as to why
CharlieBernstein> A lot of question marks with the guys they have on the roster

jagsfan30> off the jaguars, is there any future for kevin jones
adamcaplan> It's up in the air when he'll be able to play

CharlieBernstein> Do you think Troy Williamson can learn to catch the forward pass?
adamcaplan> at least he can stretch the field

tannerfox> Does Berrians production take a hit now that he is with Minn.?
adamcaplan> Depends on QB

adamcaplan> As for Fred Taylor, he could play for a few more seasons
JagsMac> Let's hope so
jagsfan30> i could see the jags releasing him, even though i would hate that
CharlieBernstein> Not this year
JagsMac> MJD not ready for prime time yet
adamcaplan> Fred T will be around as long as he wants
jagsfan30> he has that much pull>
CharlieBernstein> Taylor is the face of the franchise
adamcaplan> Taylor was terrific last season
adamcaplan> and stayed healthy, no signs of slowing down
jagsfan30> you gotta love freddy
adamcaplan> Fred Taylor is a good story considering all of the BS he's been through
tannerfox> Fred's future is going to be better than his buddy the Edge. What do you think Adam?
adamcaplan> James is really slowing down
adamcaplan> ARI needs to get his replacement soon
adamcaplan> or they could have a Shaun Alexander situation
jagsfan30> very true the best was at the panthers game last year(i flew down from up in philly) and after he broke that 8 yd everyone chanted his name
tannerfox> thx adam for your insight
adamcaplan> You have to remember how Coughlin treated him (Freddy)
adamcaplan> which was very poor
CharlieBernstein> Not reporting the torn groin
adamcaplan> Even worse, he listed him as questionable
jagsfan30> what happen with the groin i never heard of that
CharlieBernstein> I remember
adamcaplan> when he knew Taylor couldn't play
JagsMac> Not TC!!!
CharlieBernstein> He tore the muscle off the bone
adamcaplan> Yep. what a joke
CharlieBernstein> And he was listed each week as questionable
adamcaplan> that would never happen now
CharlieBernstein> Making Fred look soft
jagsfan30> and made him play??????
CharlieBernstein> He couldn't play, it killed his national image
adamcaplan> Coughlin did that to hurt Taylor
tannerfox> TC at that time was not a take warm showers together type a guy
JagsMac> hence the nickname
CharlieBernstein> That's where the "fragile Fred" stuff came from
adamcaplan> Well that contributed to it
jagsfan30> oh my god man thats bad i never knew that happened liked that
CharlieBernstein> I hope Fred doesn't have a dropoff this year, but he is 32
jagsfan30> how does fred talk about tom now?
adamcaplan> But I think Coughlin has changed a lot since then obviously
JagsMac> a slow decline would be expected
CharlieBernstein> Curtis Martin was very good into his early 30's
adamcaplan> He had a very bad ankle injury and it was actually bent back
adamcaplan> like it was deformed, but still gutted it out
adamcaplan> Curtis Martin, great guy
CharlieBernstein> Different types of runners

tannerfox> What's your take on S Alexanders future?
adamcaplan> He's shot
adamcaplan> he falls down before getting hit
adamcaplan> that's a sign that he's done
adamcaplan> he'll get a job
adamcaplan> DET and a few others will look at him
tannerfox> Well he didn't have a very good OL last season either
adamcaplan> He basically gives up
tannerfox> Like Minn had
adamcaplan> it looks really bad on coaches tape
adamcaplan> like has nothing to do with that

RobbC> Any major surprises in free agency left?
adamcaplan> Not really
adamcaplan> Hackett looks like CAR or SEA

CharlieBernstein> Do you like the moves Cleveland made in free agency?
adamcaplan> Yes but they have to be careful
adamcaplan> they brought in two guys who are coming off of bad seasons, Rogers and Stallworth
CharlieBernstein> At least the Browns can take the first day of the draft off
adamcaplan> And third round too. But I like their aggressiveness
adamcaplan> At least they didn't go after older players
tannerfox> Adam don't you think Stallworth will benefit from playing with Braylom Edwards and other targets with Cleveland more than if he was the main dog?
adamcaplan> It's no different than with Moss
adamcaplan> Stallworth started off well then flamed out
adamcaplan> just like with Philly
adamcaplan> he's now on 4th team in 4 years, good guy though
jagsfan30> that soft tissue damage is a bitch
adamcaplan> Stallworth will be their third passing option
adamcaplan> but he can stretch the field
adamcaplan> which will help Edwards and Winslow
CharlieBernstein> Browns see a weak division and are trying to take control

jagsfan30> do you think mjd will get the bulk of the carries next year or about the same as last season
adamcaplan> He may get more touches
adamcaplan> but they still don't use him effectively
adamcaplan> he's a beast on outside zone runs
jagsfan30> how do u think they should him
jagsfan30> i like him in the passing game out the backfield
adamcaplan> He needs to be used on my screens
adamcaplan> I asked him that on sirius
adamcaplan> he didn't want to say anything bad
jagsfan30> i think the call them wheel routes
adamcaplan> Wheel route is a little different
jagsfan30> thats what N.O. use bush with
adamcaplan> but MJD scored on a wheel route last season
jagsfan30> yea in the pitt game
adamcaplan> so yes, they have to do more of that
CharlieBernstein> He dropped about three balls on wheel routes last year that could've gone for TD's

adamcaplan> Not sure... turn caps lock off
RobbC> Jags1016 has a yelling problem
RobbC> we're seeking treatment for him
Jags1016> lol
adamcaplan> ha

jagsfan30> whats going on with the redskins usually you hear them blowin up free agency
adamcaplan> Lack of money
adamcaplan> they didn't offer Hackett much today, he's in TB now
adamcaplan> TB has a ton of money
jagsfan30> same with the colts now, cant push anymore money out

adamcaplan> All: That's all the time I have
adamcaplan> see you next time
CharlieBernstein> Thanks Adam

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