Getting MO Personal: Montell Owens sits down with Montell Owens to talk about his off-season, his rituals, who he thinks is the hardest working player on the team, and more...

CH: What do you does your off season consists of?

MO: This past off-season I went back to the University of Maine and earned 12 credit hours towards my degree. My trainer was there too, so it all worked out. I have three more credits to go until I graduate, and I hope to finish up and earn my degree this next off-season. Family comes first, so I try to spend as much time with them as I can. I'd like to do a lot of traveling, and I'd like to go back and visit Europe. I want to see God's country and what he has made for us, and I would like to train in each country. I want to go on an excursion, some type of fishing trip or something There are a lot of hills in Germany, so I could probably get a good work out in there. I'd like to do one of those spontaneous trips that Air Tran Airlines to some random city that I have never heard of, that would be fun.

CH: What is one quality that you possess that you feel benefits you and has helped you succeed in the NFL?

MO: My drive.

CH: Who comes to mind when I say, hardest working player on the team?

MO: Freddie T. His motor never stops running. His preparation and routine is unbelievable. The stuff he does when no one is around is unbelievable. His routine is a model of the routine that I want in my future. He is the first one in the locker room, and the last one to leave. He is the first one at practice, and the last one to leave. He is definitely someone that I look up to.

CH: Who did you admire growing up, and who do you admire now?

MO: I really admire my mother and my father. I admire how hard my parents worked for what they have. I believe I got all of my drive and work-ethic from them. On days when I get up early in the morning, and I'm tired, and worn down.I think of my father and how he used to say, "Either go the whole way, or don't do it at all."

CH: You have been involved in numerous charity and community service events, how does it feel to be admired by so many of our youth here in Jacksonville?

MO: It is definitely a blessing to myself and to others. I have been able to touch more lives now then I was ever able to before I was in the NFL. I believe Jacksonville is one of the teams that does the most charity work in the NFL. I hope that players use that resource to reach out to children because we do have an opportunity to make an impact on children's lives.

CH: Favorite NFL player growing up?

MO: Bo Jackson. First of all, everybody thinks I look like him. My nickname in college was BoKnows. I believe we share some of the same qualities. I was a baseball player and ran track too. I just like the way he went about doing things. I admired his work-ethic.

CH: Do you have a pre-game ritual?

MO: I try not to think about the game before the game. When I get nervous, I burn energy. All of that worryin' and thinkin''s not worth it. I try to distance myself from football the day before a game. I don't sit around Saturday nights watching football, I'll put in a movie instead. I don't want to be mentally fatigued. If you are mentally fatigued it translates into physical fatigue on the field. I have the most boring rituals. I don't do anything.

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