Jaguars Ready for a Young Backup QB?

Although it has been made official that David Garrard will be the team's starting quarterback for the foreseeable future due to his $60 million contract extension, the Jaguars are still searching for younger depth behind the 30-year old signal caller. Find out which record-setting collegiate quarterback has caught the team's eye...

According to NFL Draft Expert, Chris Steuber, the Jaguars have spoken several times to former University of Hawaii quarterback, Colt Brennan. Brennan had a near storybook career in the Aloha state, before experiencing one of the worst 2008's out of anyone in the draft class.

Brennan finished his collegiate career holding 21 different NCAA records, as he is clearly one of the most accurate passers to ever put on a college uniform. Brennan's list of records are too numerous to list as are his achievements, but as a senior he was WAC offensive player of the year as well as named a third-team all-American quarterback by the AP.

Brennan was figured to be a first to second-round pick after finishing his junior season with the Rainbows, but he decided to finish school and try to better his draft stock. The plan nearly worked as he entered Hawaii's improbable Sugar Bowl game with the University of Georgia as a near-lock for a first-round selection, but Brennan had a nightmarish game mostly due to his offensive line's inability to protect him.

Colt followed that up by suffering an illness at the Senior Bowl which caused him to lose weight (all the way down to 185 lbs.), and had a poor week of practice before injuring his hip which caused him to have surgery this past week. Following a poor combine workout, Brennan went from a first-round prospect to a likely second-day selection.

The record-setting signal caller is said by scouts to be tall and lanky (6'3", 207 lbs.), very mobile, well balanced, and a quick decision maker. Colt, like most quarterbacks throws the shorter and intermediate routes better than his deep balls, and does a fine job of sliding around in the pocket when he feels pressure.

Colt Brennan
(Ronen Zilberman/AP)
Some of the knocks on Brennan have to do with his very low, almost sidearm release, the level of competition he faced, his body size, and his tendency to sometimes throw off the wrong foot. Colt is also said to lock onto his primary receiver too often.

Throughout much of the public battering that has gone on over the past few months about Brennan's game, he has maintained a supreme amount of confidence.

"I can't wait to get into a team's training camp and show the 31 teams that past me up what they missed out on," Brennan said.

Most critics believe that Brennan has far too many flaws in his game to succeed at the NFL level, and most of his collegiate success was due to the system of offense that Hawaii head coach June Jones runs. Still, Brennan put up more yardage than anyone else ever in that system, and took perennial football doormat University of Hawaii to a BCS bowl game. The Jaguars are in the enviable task of being able to groom a quarterback for the future, without much of any pressure on him, due to the high level of play of the face of the franchise, David Garrard. Why not groom a record-setting quarterback who has proven critics wrong his entire career?

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