Jaguars Williams' Wild in the Fifth

Two players with the last name of Williams selected in the fifth round. Find out the scouting reports on each for them from former NFL Scout Tom Marino.

Thomas Williams, MLB, USC
40: 4.79v Ht: 6011v Wt: 227v Rating: 1.685
Starting primarily as a result of injuries, but showed a solid skill level.. Liked his play instincts and football smarts. Unselfish player with a lot of heart and playing toughness. See him as a limited area player (not going to get to the boundary) and I don't believe him to be as a true asset in pass coverage. Not a fast twitch athlete. Didn't see top play speed or a closing burst. Late round consideration, but is more likely a priority free agent within the league.

Trae Williams, CB, South Florida
40: 4.54v Ht: 5090v Wt: 193v Rating: 1.662
Experienced four year regular. Liked his foot quicks, body control and I felt his hands were outstanding for the position. The problem that I see with this player is that he does not have top speed for the position and is short in stature. Marginal strength and overall effectiveness in press coverage. Was marginal in run support (marginal wrap up tackler who missed too frequently). A nickel back and back up corner. 6th to 7th draft potential.

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