Fullback Signed by Jaguars

With a pair of torn ACL's in fullback Greg Jones' past, it's less than a sure thing that the Jaguars fullback, fresh with his new contract, can be completely counted on to stay healthy an entire season. Find out more on the player that may help out.

Former Maine fullback Anthony Cotrone measures in at 6'2", 260 lbs., and is a former college quarterback. Cotrone is a true fullback, as he mostly blocked and was barely used in the running or passing game. In 28 career games, Cotrone carried the ball 16 times for 96 yards. He only caught 10 passes in his career for 68 yards.

Cotrone is the second player from the University of Maine to be signed by the Jaguars, as special teams ace Montell Owens is also a former Bear. Owens began his NFL in a similar position as Cotrone, as the Jaguars ninth running back and worked his way to the active roster after starring on special teams.

Cotrone had some issues while at Maine, as he was arrested and suspended for an incident that involved him allegedly punching a man and knocking him unconscious.

What chance does Cotrone have of making the Jaguars final roster? Barring injury, not much. The Jaguars just gave starting fullback Greg Jones a new contract, and they have former Maine alumni Montell Owens as Jones' backup. If Cotrone shows himself well in camp, the practice squad would certainly be an option.

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