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Charlie Bernstein of JagNation.com answers the questions posted by Jaguars fans. Get his thoughts on other free agents, Williams moving to strong safety, Mike Walker, and other topics.

1. Do you see the Jaguars acquiring any other free agents before the start of training camp? If so, who and why? (JAGGATOR, Palm Coast, FL)

The Jaguars may make one or two small acquisitions, but I can all but assure you it won't be any news that's Earth-shattering, nor will it likely be anyone you've ever heard of. The team currently has 79 players signed to contracts not including their draft picks. They can only take 80 to camp so already they must cut four players when their draft picks get signed.

2. What was your take on the article written by espn.com? (Jagsfan30, New York)

I'm assuming you meant the article written on David Garrard. I thought it was a very good piece that was extremely well written. They make mention to the Jaguars being the lowest team in terms of percentage of attendance, but that's an inaccurate statistic. ESPN has a total capacity of Jacksonville Municipal Stadium that isn't in line with the latest figures, due to the seat coverings. If they took an accurate look, the percentage of attendance would be 97.2%, not 88.5%. At the correct percentage, the Jaguars rate 18th in the NFL in percentage of attendance, better than some historic football cities such as Kansas City, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Chicago, and better than division rival Indianapolis. I will say that a 10% increase in season ticket orders, which the article references, is not a number to be scoffed at. That's a considerable increase.

3. This has been a touchy topic....do you see Brian Williams move to strong safety, if so, how do you see Gerald Sensabaugh being used? (Jaghombre, Gainesville, FL)

Barring any injury setbacks I believe that Gerald Sensabaugh will have every opportunity to earn the starting job at strong safety. The guy is a fantastic athlete, but the shoulder surgery is a concern. To try and answer your question directly, as long as Sensabaugh is healthy, I believe he's the best option at strong safety, and the loser of the Brian Williams/Drayton Florence camp competition will play nickel. If Sensabaugh isn't healthy, I would expect to see Williams converted to safety.

4. What are your expectations of Mike Walker this year? (RasheanMachine, Buford, GA)

Mike Walker was one of the surprises of Jaguars camp a year ago, as he dazzled onlookers with his sharp route running and more than reliable hands. I expect Walker to be healthy this season, and step into a backup role at wide receiver. As for numbers, remember that Walker will still be in his first year, so not much should be expected of him. Perhaps 20-30 receptions, 250-350 yards. Something along those lines.

5. Is Lito going to be a Jaguar? (StantheMan08, Jacksonville, FL)

Everything that I've heard tells me that Lito Sheppard will not be a member of the Jaguars in 2008. From what I understand, all the trade rumors were perpetuated by his agent, in hopes of a new deal for his client. The Jaguars have no need at cornerback, and trading for a talented player of Sheppard's caliber will cost Wayne Weaver a considerable amount of money. The Jaguars would have far too much invested in one position.

6. What's yout take on how the DT situation/rotation will go during games? (KnockemDown, N.Y.)

I believe that Tony McDaniel will compete for the starting job next to John Henderson, and the team will rotate Derek Landri and Rob Meier in on passing downs. A guy to watch in camp will be undrafted rookie Theo Horrocks. Horrocks could surprise some people.

7. Are the Jags spending "a lot" of money this off season because they believe that the cap will be removed, or do they think we are that close to a Super Bowl? Or both? (Jagtom0025, Jacksonville, FL)

I can assure you that the considerable spending that Wayne Weaver has done in the offseason hasn't had anything to do with the possibility of there not being a salary cap. The Jaguars needed to spend money just to reach the minimum (salary floor). The team has pulled a somewhat similar maneuver as to what they did in 1999, when they felt that they were a legitimate contender, but this spending spree will not have the cap ramifications of nine years ago.

8. Will there be any surprise June 1st cuts? (Jonesdrew32, Jacksonville, FL)

June 1st no longer has the significance that it did in years' past, due to the ever rising salary cap, and the fact that teams can cut players in February and designate them as June 1st cuts, being that they can split the amortization over the current years' cap and the next years' cap. If there will be post June 1st cuts, it will likely be veterans who have some kind of injury concerns, or can no longer play at the level of their contract. There will be more post-September 1st cuts than June 1st cuts, being that is after the final preseason games have been played, and teams need to set their final 53-man rosters.

9. What's your Wide Receiver Depth Chart prediction for the Jaguars in the upcoming season? Will any wide receivers be cut, or moved off the roster? (robinson32183, Jacksonville, FL)

The Jaguars currently have nine wide receivers under contract, and they will likely keep just five or six, so there will be some cuts made. Jerry Porter and Reggie Williams are the only two receivers that are completely "cut-proof", and I would figure Dennis Northcutt to be relatively safe, being that he's a good slot receiver and he handles punt return duties. That would leave two or three spots for Matt Jones, Troy Williamson, Mike Walker, John Broussard, and UDFA's Clyde Edwards and Jeron Harvey, and free agent D'Juan Woods. Walker and Williamson have the biggest upside out of any of the remaining receivers, so they may have a leg up entering camp, but it will likely all depend on how they play.

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