MIA from OTA: Inside the Numbers

JagNation breaks down the numbers on the Jacksonville Jaguars missing from OTA's

26 players missing.

18 rookies not allowed to practice until next week.

That leaves eight players that for one reason or another weren't participating in the OTA's on Tuesday.

1. Fred Taylor - This is definitely an excused absence. As with previous years, Fred will be training on his own in South Florida. He'll rejoin the team next week, and then return to his dedicated regimen. EXCUSED

2. Paul Spicer - This one was a little bit of a surprise, and there are some questions. We've heard two approaches. One, that he's unhappy with his contract and is holding out of camp. And two, that he is also participating in an off-site conditioning program separate from the team. JagNation will keep you informed of his motives and status going forward. UNEXPLAINED

3. Jamaal Fudge - Education comes first, and Fudge is finishing his final two weeks up at Clemson. JagNation applauds you and will welcome you back as the secondary battle is getting interesting. BRILLIANT EXCUSE

4. Marcedes Lewis - (knee) Knee injury? You ain't got no stinkin' knee injury. Lewis just didn't want to be the only starting TE to practice in the Florida heat. Get well Marc. LAME EXCUSE

5. Mike Walker - (knee) After sitting out all of last year, we can only hope that this is precautionary. From his agent we hear that he's ready to join the wideout battle. However, we hear he'll be the only one to miss the entire offseason. PRECAUTIONARY EXCUSE

6. George Wrighster - (knee) We noticed the knee was wrapped at practice.  An injury from last year that we hope is healed in time to compete. PRECAUTIONARY EXCUSE

7. Brian Smith -
(knee?) Coach is keeping a lid on this one, but claims it is not the hip that kept him out all of last year. Is it really a knee as another source disclosed? Or is it something else.... nuts. MYSTERY EXCUSE

8. Greg Estandia -
(shoulder) Another tight end still nursing an old injury? Greg looked healthy getting down with the booster club. PRECAUTIONARY EXCUSE

More updates as we get them.

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