Meier Wasn't A Bargain

As many Jaguars fans now know, their team signed defensive tackle Rob Meier to an extension Thursday that will take him through the 2012 season, and keep him in a Jaguars uniform through his 35th birthday. The question that begs to be asked is if Rob Meier is worth the newfound wealth that Wayne Weaver and the Jaguars bestowed upon him.

We are hearing reports that the Jaguars eight-year veteran defensive tackle's new deal is worth approximately $20 million. Although we don't know the breakdown of the money, whether the deal is front-loaded, back-loaded, or flat, it seems like a lot of cash for a player who will be 31 before the regular season begins, and has started just 34 games in his career.

For the last few years, it has been talked about that Rob Meier could start for most teams around the NFL. Obviously the Jaguars agree with that sentiment, as they extended Meier, but we're not so sure. At an average of $5 million per season, did the Jaguars re-sign Meier because there was simply not anyone else expected to be on the market? At least the Jaguars were able to come to terms with one of their two defensive linemen, as defensive end Paul Spicer is showing his displeasure with his contract situation by sitting out the team's "voluntary" off season training activities.

Rob Meier gets a hand from Garrard.
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

"From our standpoint, we feel like we've made a fair legitimate proposal to these guys and one guy (Meier) is happy and one guy (Spicer) is out there waiting," said Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio.

Rob Meier is a good defensive tackle, but he's far from a great defensive tackle. Meier had plenty of playing time over the last two seasons due to various injuries and suspensions to former Jaguar Marcus Stroud, and Meier put up a very domicile 56 tackles and nine sacks while playing in all 32 regular season games.

The former seventh-round pick from the year 2000 has cashed in due to the Jaguars having extra cap room and a being thin in the middle. It was an insurance type of move for the team which made some sense, and it was a fantastic financial move for Meier, a deal that he wouldn't have likely received anywhere else.

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