Jaguars Take Care of Another D-Lineman

As defensive end Paul Spicer holds his absent protest, the Jaguars have been wearing out their checkbooks signing some of his line-mates to contract extensions. The latest to have earned some additional financial security is former undrafted free agent defensive tackle, Tony McDaniel.

Tony McDaniel is entering his third season with the Jaguars, formerly from the university of Tennessee, and the team has high hopes for the 6'7", 310 lb. tackle. McDaniel has a pretty light body of work, as the athletic big man has played in just 15 games over the previous two seasons, and has notched just 25 tackles and a sack. Still, McDaniel has nearly unlimited potential, and as a rookie showed flashes while rotating in for the oft-injured Marcus Stroud, who has since been jettisoned off to northern New York.

Since terms haven't been released yet of the signing, it is impossible to know for sure if the Jaguars made a wise financial move securing the services of the 23-year old. We believe that despite McDaniel's low draft pedigree (UDFA), he can be an impact player for the team, especially being that he won't turn 24 until after the 2008 regular season is completed.

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