AFC South Quarterback Rankings

One of the main reasons why the Indianapolis Colts have owned the AFC South for the last five years is because they have the best signal caller in the division, and one of the best in NFL history in Peyton Manning. Will that change this season? JagNation ranks the AFC South quarterbacks and previews what type of seasons that they may have in 2008.

1. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts- Manning executes his offense to near perfection in the regular season, and despite missing Marvin Harrison for much of last season, Manning still completed better than 65% of his passes for better than 4000 yards and 31 touchdowns, with a quarterback rating of 98.0. Although Manning may be in the beginning of a downslide in his career, he is still the best quarterback in the division, and will likely have another monster season in 2008.

Positives- Manning can make all the throws, and is another coach on the field.

Limitations- Mobility.

Former NFL scout Tom Marino ranked Peyton Manning as the best quarterback in the NFL, and had this to say—

"Clearly the class of the field. Has all the skins on the wall and has a chance to rank among the all-time best at the QB position."

2. David Garrard, Jacksonville Jaguars- Garrard had a near storybook 2007 season as he finished his first year as a starter by securing the quarterback position in Jacksonville, which earned him a wealthy contract extension a few months ago. Garrard has a nice set of weapons in Jerry Porter and Reggie Williams, and the Jaguars are set up to be a contender in 2008.

Positives-Garrard may be the most physically talented quarterback in the division, and is accurate in the short to intermediate throws and has game-breaking mobility.

Limitations- Deep ball accuracy, big game experience.

3. Matt Schaub, Houston Texans- When Schaub played in 2007, the Texans were no longer the NFL doormats of previous years. Schaub helped transform an offense without a reliable running game into one of the more efficient groups in the league, and is trying to single-handedly end the losing culture in Houston.

Positives- Schaub has some mobility, is a good leader, and is very accurate.

Limitations- Health, experience.

4. Sage Rosenfels, Houston Texans- Rosenfels is probably the best backup quarterback in the NFL, and he is a player who can do more than just fill in for a few games while the starter is down. Rosenfels started five games for the Texans in 2007, and went 4-1 as a starter with a quarterback rating of 84.8.

Positives- Very accurate, good leader.

Limitations- Mobility, sometimes careless with the football.

5. Vince Young, Tennessee Titans- Young is a former Offensive Rookie of the Year (2006) who hit a major sophomore slump in 2007. Young can take over a game, and his Titans teammates are supremely confident in his abilities.

Positives- Great mobility, great confidence, finds ways to get the job done in close games.

Limitations- Throwing motion, poor accuracy.

6. Kerry Collins, Tennessee Titans- Collins is an experienced quarterback who is finishing out his career as a backup.

Positives- Strong arm, can understand offensive philosophies quickly.

Limitations- Mobility, throws into coverage.

7. Cleo Lemon, Jacksonville Jaguars- Lemon played sparingly with the Miami Dolphins over the last few seasons, before coming to Jacksonville as a free agent this spring.

Positives- Mobility, solid arm.

Limitations- Throws into coverage, not much experience.

8. Jim Sorgi, Indianapolis Colts- Sorgi is a great unknown, as the Colts haven't had to use him for any meaningful snaps during his entire career (Indy would love to keep it that way).

Positives- Great understanding of the Indianapolis playbook.

Limitations- A major unknown.

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