Del Rio Shares with Meyer

Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio is proving that not everything in a league full of subterfuge and spying that a team does has to be classified as "top secret." Earlier this week, Del Rio and his staff allowed University of Florida head coach Urban Meyer to witness one of the team's OTA practices.

Meyer, who is ironically friendly with the main man behind "Spygate," Bill Belichick, made the short trek from Gainesville to Jacksonville to try and pick up some new things to help his Gators get back to the national championship level which they achieved in January of 2007.

So what can a college coach learn by watching a professional practice? Jaguars linebackers coach Mark Duffner remembers the days when he was in a similar position to Meyer—

"Oh yeah, when I went to these practices, you're always looking for drills, you're looking for coaching principles, coaching points that you can take back to your team in terms of trying to make their play at the position and also as a unit better."

Duffner went on to talk about what he thought of the Jaguars head coach's sharing of knowledge—

"Coach Del Rio is great to let college coaches come in and watch. I know I would be knocking on the door every day to if I could because again you see how the best not only are playing, but how the best are coaching, organizing their drills, and like I said, coaching points."

Aside from scheduling and the voter/computer/collegiate presidents ridiculousness that keeps Division I college football from having a playoff system and true national champion, there are many similarities between the two games.

"I know the college game is similar to the pros in the wide open style of offense, the empty formations, the four-wide formations, the pass to run type philosophy I think has crept in there pretty strong right now," said Coach Duffner. "I think the difference is just there are more players that you have an opportunity and privilege to coach at the collegiate level than we'd have on our squad at the pros. And for certain the level of competition and speed and athleticism."

In the world of paranoia that NFL coaches live in, Del Rio's openness to young coaches seems to be a breath of fresh air. "I think each team has its own rules and regulations how they would structure practice," said Mark Duffner. "I just know that Coach (Del Rio) is very generous and helpful to the collegiate coaches."

This willingness to help is another signal, along with his four out of five non-losing seasons, that Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver certainly made the right choice in hiring Head Coach Jack Del Rio, and then subsequently giving him a contract extension just a few months ago.

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