Tips for Jaguars Minicamp

More information and tips for minicamp in Jacksonville

The Jaguars minicamp is open to the public Friday and Saturday at the practice fields at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. There will be a morning session and an evening session each day, beginning at 10:30 a.m., and 4:15 p.m.

"We're excited about letting the public get a glimpse at some of the hard work we've been putting in," said Jaguars Head Coach Jack Del Rio. "We feel like we've got a good squad this year and a lot of excitement in the area, and so it's the one opportunity prior to training camp where we'll allow the public to come out and see what we do and see us working."

Each year there are several young players that standout in the Jaguars minicamp, and although some of them may turn into stars, such as Maurice Jones-Drew, there are several players who look like "Tarzan" in the beginning of June, and end up playing like "Jane" when training camp and the preseason roll around. JagNation has a few tips for some first-time onlookers this weekend:

1. Don't take what you see too seriously. These guys are practicing in shorts, and there's no hitting allowed. Stars in non-contact football don't always translate when the real bullets fly.

2. Don't evaluate the offensive or defensive lines.
It's very difficult to evaluate the lines when contact isn't allowed.

3. Watch for speedy players. Wide receivers and corners are the easiest players to watch, being that not much contact is allowed at their positions in "real" football games.

4. Minicamp is not a time to evaluate toughness. Just because certain players may not be practicing doesn't mean their weak or soft. There's no reason to over-exert in June.

5. Quarterbacks may be sloppy. The passing game is one that is dependent on repetitions and timing. At this point in the practice season, QB's and WR's haven't had a lot of work together.

6. Defense should be ahead of the offense.
The defense simply takes less timing to be effective than the offense.

7. Special teams should be mostly ignored. There's no pressure on these guys right now.

8. Look for burst and hands by running backs.

9. Nobody wins a job in June. Regardless of diving catches, perfectly thrown deep passes, or interceptions.

10. Wear sunblock and a hat.
It should be hot out there and you can get burned (take it from someone who has experienced that days prior to his national television debut).

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