Q&A with Montell Owens (2 of 2)

In part two of this two-part sit down interview with special teams star and fullback Montell Owens, JagNation's Christina Hovestadt discusses the upcoming season and what is in store for the Jacksonville Jaguars, how the receivers look, expectations for carries, and who might be the surprise in camp.

What's the difference with the new coaches this season in terms of intensity?

M.O: Nothing has changed. Last year, everyone pretty much learned what worked and what didn't work. With the coaches and players this year, there is a little more spunk. [Laughing] Actually, maybe that's not the word, how about, crackle…or pop?

How do the new receivers look on offense?

M.O: The new receivers have adapted well. The coaches did a great job with a smooth transition for those players. The competition between our receivers is greater. In fact it seems as if every year, the competition for positions between everyone rises. The competition and intensity level is great because it keeps our players on their toes. I look at it as, the more stress we undergo in practice, the better we will be in ball games.

Can we expect you to get any reps at fullback?

M.O: I can see myself playing reps at fullback this year. However, my ultimate responsibility is to keep special teams rolling, and I'm going to do that. I love playing behind Greg Jones. He is a phenomenal athlete and a pro bowl caliber player. Playing behind Greg makes me a better player and I am constantly learning new things about the game from him.

Who is a guy that will surprise some people in camp?

M.O: Anthony Cotrone. He's grasped the concepts quickly. Right now he's under the radar, like most rookies are; but I think he will surprise a lot of people at camp.

Anthony Cotrone, another Maine Bear. What advice have you given him?

M.O.: I have mainly just tried to get him to understand that he needs to maintain mental stability to play in this highly competitive league. The NFL is very rigorous on the mind…it's competitive and can play tricks on you. Any athlete entering the NFL must have a strong mind to persevere in certain situations. In other words, he has to be very sharp upstairs.

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