JagNation.com: Ask the Editor 06/23/08

It's time for another exciting rendition of "Ask the Editor," in which Charlie Bernstein tackles the questions that are perplexing the JagNation world.

How many rookies do you see making a major contribution this year? Not counting special packagesand special teams where they can compete without making costly mistakes in the Play offs? Also, why is Prioleau not getting his just due? (Tannerfox)

The only Jaguars rookies I can see making any kind of major contribution are Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves, being that the team has a pretty small draft class and most of the others (Thomas Williams, Trae Williams, and Chauncey Washington) will likely only be playing special teams, assuming the Jaguars don't have a rash of injuries. I wouldn't expect double-digit sacks from either Harvey or Groves, but if they can combine for 12, the team will be just fine and the draft choices will be well on their way to being justified.

As for Pierson Prioleau, exactly what just due are you looking for. The guy has been the definition of a journeyman, and he's started just one full season in his nine-year career. He'll have the inside track to a roster spot because of Gregg Williams, but he shouldn't be an impact player, or even close to it.

What great play from any jag last year can you see declining this year? (Jagsfan30)

Great question. Not many people saw the off seasons of Rashean Mathis and John Henderson coming, but maybe we should have, being that they weren't completely healthy all year long. Although I hold Fred Taylor in the highest regard as a player and as a person, he is the most likely player to suffer a fall-off in play, mainly due to his age, and the player he has behind him in Maurice Jones-Drew. Also, it will be difficult for Paul Spicer to repeat his performance of a year ago.

Which side of the ball will take a bigger step forward, the offense for the addition of speed and experience at WR, or the defense for the addition of young pass rushers and a more aggressive style of play? (Jagtom0025)

The Jaguars offense was very effective a year ago, especially in the second half of the season, as they finished tied for second in points scored with the Green Bay Packers (behind New England). The defense will have a greater opportunity for improvement, but I believe there are still some pretty big question marks there at defensive end and in the secondary. I would say the offense will be consistent all year long as David Garrard should be better, and he now has legitimate weapons on the outside.

What do you think will be our greatest strength this year? What do you think will be our greatest weakness this year?

The Jaguars greatest strength should be their running game led by the dynamic Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew, and that great offensive line that often gets overlooked. Their biggest question mark is certainly at defensive end, as they struggled to get a consistent pass rush a year ago, and they're mostly depending on the same guys this year, and two rookies.

Which team, other than Indy, will give the Jags their toughest game this season? (Jagtom 0025)

New England in the playoffs.

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