JagNation.com: Ask the Editor 06/24/08

It's time for another exciting rendition of "Ask the Editor," in which Charlie Bernstein tackles the questions that are perplexing the JagNation world.

Whats do you think is going to happen at the defensive end position as far as player's positions who will stay and what roles players will have? (TimfromDuval)

I believe that when the Jaguars traded up to grab Derrick Harvey at the eighth overall pick, they didn't pull the trigger to have a situational pass rusher. That said, I believe Harvey will start sooner than later opposite Paul Spicer. If Harvey wins the starting job by the start of the season, Reggie Hayward may have to take a pay cut or his job could be in jeopardy. Quentin Groves will likely be a situational pass rusher as a rookie.

Is there much difference expected within the defense with Mike Smith gone? (Midstater)

New defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is known as an aggressive defensive mind, so many people are expecting some more blitzing by the Jaguars defense. That said, with the personnel the Jaguars had a year ago, I'm not sure more blitzing would have been a successful option even if Mike Smith decided to go that route.

What kind of blitz packages and other defensive schemes can we expect from Gregg Williams given our defensive personnel? (KSmith904)

It will really depend on how good the defensive ends are. If they can get pressure without blitzing, the defensive playbook opens up completely. That said, judging by what we've seen in OTA's and mini-camps, expect to see Reggie Nelson as more of a blitzer.

Do you think Reggie Nelson could become our best playmaker in the secondary? Also will his tackling improve? (Gr3g3)

I believe Reggie Nelson has the potential to be the Jaguars best defensive player. He has a skill set that's similar to the great Baltimore Ravens safety, Ed Reed. I think Nelson could make the greatest leap from 2007 to 2008 in terms of his level of play. As for his tackling, tackling all over the NFL has been getting progressively worse because teams don't work on it as much in training camp because they don't want to get players that they have significant financial investments in hurt. Nelson has the physical abilities to be a solid tackler, he just needs to get back to fundamentals and keep his head up.

Will Rashean and Big Hen come back in 2008 for big years? (TimfromDuval)

From everything I've heard, both Rashean Mathis and John Henderson will be back with the Jaguars in 2008. As for the level of their play, they are both healthy entering training camp, which wasn't the case a year ago. If the level of the defensive ends and pass rush improve, Rashean Mathis will be much more effective than a year ago. John Henderson has the ability to be dominant on every play, and if he's healthy he should be one of the best handful of defensive tackles in the NFL.

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