NFL Playoff Predictions

Time for everyone to get their proverbial panties in a bunch, here come the postseason predictions. Last years Pats were one Asante Samuel dropped interception away from being crowned as the best team ever, so assuming they'll go all the way after an offseason in which they were ridiculed isn't that much of a stretch for me. Enjoy!

AFC Seeding
#1- New England Patriots
#2- San Diego Chargers
#3- Indianapolis Colts
#4- Pittsburgh Steelers
#5- Jacksonville Jaguars (wildcard)
#6- Houston Texans (wildcard)

Wildcard round
#5 Jacksonville over #4 Pittsburgh (sorry Steelers fans, they did it to you again).
#3 Indianapolis over #6 Houston (nice step forward for the Texans).

Divisional round
#1 New England over #5 Jacksonville (very close game for what it's worth)
#2 San Diego over #3 Indianapolis (they did it again)

AFC Championship Game
#1 New England over #2 San Diego (sounds familiar, doesn't it?)

NFC Seeding
#1 Dallas Cowboys
#2 Green Bay Packers
#3 New Orleans Saints
#4 Seattle Seahawks
#5 New York Giants (wildcard)
#6 Minnesota Vikings (wildcard)

Wildcard round
#3 New Orleans over #6 Minnesota (not enough offense from the Vikes)
#4 Seattle over #5 New York (Seattle is a tough place to win in the playoffs)

Divisional round
#1 Dallas over #4 Seattle (Romo finally wins a playoff game)
#2 Green Bay over #3 New Orleans (Reggie Bush can't run in Lambeau)

NFC Championship game
#1 Dallas over #2 Green Bay (too much talent for the ‘Boys)

Super Bowl
New England over Dallas (not as close of a game as people think)

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