JagNation.com: Ask the Editor 06/26/08

It's time for another exciting rendition of "Ask the Editor," in which Charlie Bernstein tackles the questions that are perplexing the JagNation world. We're getting defensive, again.

Will The Jags Get Back Into The Jason Taylor Trade Talks or No? (RJinTampa)

I believe the Jaguars coaching staff likes what they've seen in rookies Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves thus far, and they will likely go with what they have. The trade market would have to completely fall out for Taylor (fourth or fifth-round compensation), to get the Jaguars back in the sweepstakes.

What role do you see Quentin Groves playing this season? Will he be an End or will he be a Rush LB? (JagHombre)

Although Groves has the ability to play standing up, I think he will mainly be used as an end in pass rushing situations as a rookie. I can see the Jaguars lining up in passing situations with Groves and Harvey as the ends, and Meier and Landri on the inside.

Roster predictions? Which rookies will beat out veterans for starting jobs? (KSmith904)

Look for Paul Smith to take over the starting quarterback job from David Garrard. Okay I'm just kidding, realistically aside from a rash of injuries, the only rookie that has a legitimate chance of starting is Derrick Harvey.

Who do you think will be the bottom roster players at the defensive end position, Brent Hawkins, Jeremy Mincey, or Kenneth Pettway? (TimfromDuval)

In last week's roster prediction article, we actually had none of the three guys you mentioned making the Jaguars final roster. Keep in mind the current date, and the fact that training camp is yet to happen, but I like a guy you didn't mention, James Wyche to make the roster. Wyche has every-downs defensive end size and some explosiveness.

If Reggie Hayward doesn't full recover from his injury, do you start Derrick Harvey at right end? (KSmith904)

If Reggie Hayward does fully recover from his ruptured Achilles injury from the 2006 season opener, Derrick Harvey may still start. Harvey wasn't selected in the top-ten, and they aren't going to pay him $13-15 million in guaranteed money to be a situational guy.

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