JagNation.com: Ask the Editor 07/01/08

It's time for another exciting rendition of "Ask the Editor," in which Charlie Bernstein tackles the questions that are perplexing the JagNation world.

I hear Reggie Nelson has been used as a blitzer in OTA's and mini camps. Does he have the ability to be a great blitzer from the secondary? This will be exciting to watch. Not since the Dom Caper days have the Jaguars used the safety blitz. (Jonesdrew32)

Reggie Nelson has the ability to do nearly everything on the football field. He's a truly gifted athlete, which until just a few years ago, was something you didn't see very often at safety. With his quickness and ability to deliver a big hit, he will have to be a little careful when attacking the quarterback, but he can and I believe will be utilized well as a blitzing safety.

If Barnes beats out Collier, could Collier play well if he was needed to step in for Pashos? (SuperEWD)

I hate to duck questions in any way, but I'm going to have to give a big "I don't know" on this one. I expect Khalif Barnes to win his starting job at left tackle, but to be perfectly honest, I don't know if Richard Collier can step in on the right side. I've never seen the Jaguars work him out on that side in the last two years of practices. Collier has looked very good at left tackle in his limited opportunities, but I have to believe if the team thought he could develop into a right tackle, they would've worked him out there when it became clear that Maurice Williams wasn't getting the job done.

How many wild card teams will the AFC South have this year? (SuperEWD)

I have both wild card spots coming from the AFC South again this season. I think Houston will take a big leap forward this year assuming they don't get hit hard by the injury bug. The loser of Jacksonville-Indianapolis should easily secure the other wild card spot.

What do you expect from Paul Spicer this year? (FLRoy)

Assuming Spicer stays healthy, there's no reason to believe he can't build on the same success that he enjoyed a year ago. There is better talent surrounding him, and he will face more one-on-one type of situations in 2008. He can be an impact player on the Jaguars defense.

So how many wins for the Jaguars in 2008? (KeithKY)

I can see the Jaguars winning 12-13 games assuming David Garrard stays healthy. I can't tell you which games they will win or lose (there are always some surprises), but I believe they'll have one of the highest win totals in the league if they can keep their quarterback on the field.

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