Agonizing Defeats in Jaguars History #20-#17

Today begins a five-part series where we identify the 20 most-agonizing defeats in Jaguars history. Check back every day this week as we revisit four heartbreaking losses per day. Don't worry, we promise to cheer you up next week during the series "Amazing Victories In Jaguars History."

#20) 12/3/01 vs. Green Bay Packers / 28-21: The Jaguars and Packers clashed on Monday Night Football in only the second meeting between the two teams. The Jaguars held a 21-7 lead about four minutes into the third quarter, then the legendary Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre showed why he is the undisputed King of Monday Night Football. He led the Packers to 21 unanswered points, including a 6-yard touchdown run with 1:30 left in the game to defeat the Jaguars 28-21.

#19) 12/2/07 at Indianapolis Colts / 28-25: Indianapolis had a 21-7 lead at halftime and seemed to be on their way to an easy victory. But the Jaguars battled back to make the score 21-17 shortly into the fourth quarter. The Colts managed to get a fourth passing touchdown from quarterback Peyton Manning to go up 28-17 with 8:30 to go in the game. Jaguars quarterback David Garrard put his team on his shoulders and began orchestrating a thrilling comeback. Garrard threw his first interception of the season that killed one important fourth quarter drive which pretty much sealed the Jaguars fate. Jacksonville did manage to get one more touchdown and a two-point conversion to pull to within 28-25, but the Jaguars defense allowed the Colts to convert a 3rd-and-1 for a first down late in the game, and Manning simply kneeled during the last two plays to seal the victory. The win gave the Colts a commanding lead in the AFC South, eventually winning the division.

#18) 12/20/98 vs. Minnesota Vikings / 50-10: Jaguars starting quarterback Mark Brunell did not start the game due to injury, and backup quarterback Jonathan Quinn was thrust into the spotlight. He only threw for 88 yards on this day, and the game was fairly close at halftime as the Vikings were only up 12-3. But then all hell broke loose as the Vikings scored 38 unanswered points on their way to a 50-10 shellacking of the Jaguars. The 50 points put up by the Vikings is the most the Jaguars have ever given up in one game.

#17) 9/9/07 vs. Tennessee Titans / 13-10: The Jaguars opened the 2007 campaign with some degree of uncertainty against their biggest division rival, the Tennessee Titans. Just nine days before the start of the 2007 season, head coach Jack Del Rio made the bold decision to release quarterback Byron Leftwich and promote backup quarterback David Garrard as the starter. Jacksonville had lost the last three games of the 2006 season, and Garrard's poor play was a key component to the Jaguars missing the playoffs. But Garrard was not the issue during the 2007 week one matchup with the Titans, it was the run defense. Tennessee blistered the Jaguars for 282 yards on the ground, the worst performance ever allowed by a Jacksonville defense. The Jaguars only managed 72 yards rushing on offense. The Titans took a page out of the Jaguars' playbook by running the ball well and stopping the run en route to a 13-10 win.

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